Summer 2019: Art History and Appreciation

Painting: History and Practice with Valerie Isaacs

June 4 - June 7
Tuesday-Friday, 9:30-1:30pm

$275, 4 sessions

In this class, we consider the impact of European Modern painting on American art, particularly through Provincetown. We will have the opportunity to see original works by Marguerite Zorach, Milton Avery, Marsden Hartley, Janice Biala, …

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Photography as Art with Marian Roth

August 8 - August 9
Thursday-Friday, 10-noon

$75, 2 sessions

We will spend two mornings looking creatively at the PAAM photography collection, discussing the fundamentals of picture making,  By focusing on the collection we can begin to understand visual language as it finds expression in photography, …

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A Baker's Dozen with Beth Stein

September 24
Tuesday, 10-11:30am

$25, 1 session

One of the joys of viewing art is making connections between new pieces and those with which we are familiar.  It is particularly thrilling to see a painting or sculpture for the first time, but …

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