Summer 2018: Mixed Media and Sculpture

PAAM’s mixed media workshops are an excellent place to stretch creatively or have some hands-on fun.

Art Camp with Michael Gillane

July 30 - August 2
Monday-Thursday, 10-noon

$100, 4 sessions

Join Michael Gillane for a week of fun, hands-on projects for ages 5-8. Each day brings a new project to explore and experiment with! We will begin the week with 2D drawing, painting and printmaking, getting …

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Seven Exercises to Energize Your Creative Life with Thomas Bosket & Rhonda Miller

August 6 - August 10
Monday-Friday, 9:30-noon, or make it intensive and add 1-3:30pm

$225/$325, 5 sessions

If creativity seems ever present some days and elusive others, this workshop is for you. Thomas and Rhonda can help you boost your creativity, and better understand your connection to it. Finding that art empowered us …

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IMAGE-MAKING: Discover Your Voice and Vision with Rosalind Pace & Marcia Simon

August 20 - August 24
Monday-Friday, 12-3pm

$325, 5 sessions

You will cut, tear, fold, glue, monoprint found objects, make poems and collages, and explore new ways to see and interact with what you have made. You will discover exciting possibilities, inherent in the book …

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