Summer 2018: Workshops by date

Drawing to Painting: Methods of Making Paintings Derived from Drawings with Robert Henry

August 6 - August 10
Monday-Friday, 1-4pm

$400, 5 sessions

Linear drawings leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination. We fill in the blank spaces with our minds and our minds can do this brilliantly. However, it is not so easy to actually render what we imagine …

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Seven Exercises to Energize Your Creative Life with Thomas Bosket & Rhonda Miller

August 6 - August 10
Monday-Friday, 9:30-noon, or make it intensive and add 1-3:30pm

$225/$325, 5 sessions

If creativity seems ever present some days and elusive others, this workshop is for you. Thomas and Rhonda can help you boost your creativity, and better understand your connection to it. Finding that art empowered us …

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Carnival Street Photography with Joe Navas

August 14 - August 15
Tuesday-Wednesday, 10-1pm

$225, 2 sessions

This workshop will focus on the various components that make up good street photography, including camera settings, equipment types, approach, philosophy and aesthetic. We will discuss color and black and white processing and look at …

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It Starts with a Feeling: Painting Between Place and Memory with Pete Hocking

August 20 - August 24
Monday-Friday, 10-3pm

$400, 5 sessions

Great landscape paintings inspire memory and feeling. They reveal something of the painter’s experience, but also provide opportunities for a viewer to bring memory and emotion into the picture. Direct, spontaneous picture making (painting, drawing, …

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IMAGE-MAKING: Discover Your Voice and Vision with Rosalind Pace & Marcia Simon

August 20 - August 24
Monday-Friday, 12-3pm

$325, 5 sessions

You will cut, tear, fold, glue, monoprint found objects, make poems and collages, and explore new ways to see and interact with what you have made. You will discover exciting possibilities, inherent in the book …

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Painting without Fear: A Plein Air Workshop with Mary Giammarino

August 27 - August 30
Monday-Thursday, 2-5pm

$200, 4 sessions

“We do well the things we see already painted in our mind’s eye.” – Charles Hawthorne Study the landscape by applying the fundamental concepts and techniques of plein air painting. We choose our subject by squinting …

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Zen and the Art of Pastel in the Landscape with Rob DuToit

August 27 - August 30
Monday-Thursday, 9:30-12:30pm

$300, 4 sessions

In this workshop, open to all levels, participants will practice the art of pastel painting working in different nearby locations. In most pastel classes, there is a particular technique that is taught leaving little room …

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Color 3D: Learn the Fundamentals from the Summer Landscape with Kimberly Collins Jermain

August 31
Friday, 9:30-4:30pm

$150, 1 session

Nature is the best place to observe “color perspective” and practice creating illusions to three-dimensional space. Using Nupastels on paper, this workshop is for artists, architects and designers interested in greater control of light for …

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Color-Mixing for Painters with Christie Scheele

September 17
Monday, 9:30-4:30pm

$150*, 1 session

This one-day workshop is designed to develop and hone skills in color identification; mixing from primaries and mixtures; matching color; and creating dynamic and harmonious color compositions. Color-mixing exercises that build upon each other reveal …

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Form and Content: Landscape Painting Intensive with Christie Scheele

September 18 - September 20
Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30-1:30

$325*, 3 sessions

Designed for students with landscape painting experience, in this workshop we will focus on finding your unique voice. This will be achieved through rigorous discussion and implementation of the elements that coalesce to create excellence. …

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