Summer 2018: Workshops by date

Modern Portraiture on the Beach with Anastasia Egeli

July 23 - July 27
Monday-Friday, 9:30-12:30pm

$425 includes model fee, 5 sessions

Paint on the beach in Provincetown with renowned local artist, Anastasia Egeli. Monday morning, please arrive 15 minutes early, and we will discuss setting up an outdoor palette with colors. Using a live model for …

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Drypoint Etching with Vicky Tomayko

July 23 - July 27
Monday-Friday, 9:30-1:30pm

$250 + $50 materials fee, 5 sessions

Drypoint etching is a wonderful technique for anyone who likes to draw and wants to explore some printmaking. Drypoint is an intaglio printmaking process easy to master and practiced since the 15th century. An image …

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Drawing and Perception with MJ Levy Dickson

July 24
Tuesday, 12:30-3:30pm

$75, 1 session

This workshop will focus on all drawing mediums and paper. The relationship between touch and surface, and moving and unmoving objects will be explored. Baring down hard on a surface will create a dark area …

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Right Brains on the Loose in Chatham with Diane Brinker

July 27
Friday, 10-4pm

$135 includes materials fee, 1 session

Spend a day being guided to loosen up and discover Monotype printmaking – one of the most serendipitous techniques for art and design creating. The appeal of the Monotype lies in the unique translucency that …

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Landscape, Pure and Simple with John Clayton

July 30
Monday, 9:30-12:30pm

$100 per session, $350 for all 4, 1 session

Join John Clayton for this plein air workshop in and around beautiful Provincetown. Beginner to advanced artists will create dynamic paintings that express their own creative, solid expression. His no-nonsense approach covers all elements of …

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Family Week Art Camp with Michael Gillane

July 30 - August 2
Monday-Thursday, 10-noon

$100, 4 sessions

Join Michael Gillane for a week of fun, hands-on projects for ages 5+! We will begin the week by drawing and water coloring our own handmade comic books.  Freedom of expression will be emphasized! The …

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Portrait Painting: Heads Above with Aaron Michael Thompson

July 30 - August 2
Monday-Thursday, 1:30-4:30pm

$400 includes model fee, 4 sessions

The portrait will be the departure point for a discussion of simplification and abstraction in pictorial structure for this four-day workshop. Through reducing the visible to its simplest terms we will attempt to develop accuracy …

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Chromatic Perspective and Mixology with Aaron Michael Thompson

July 30 - August 2
Monday-Thursday, 9:30-12:30pm

$250, 4 sessions

This four day workshop provides straightforward ways to develop the painters' powers of observation by reducing the visible to its simplest terms of color. Color in theory and developing practical ways to control the application …

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Women in Art with Suzanne Altman

August 3
Friday, 10-11:30am

$50, 1 session

Women have made significant contributions to the arts for centuries, but have often been overlooked and underappreciated. This lecture illuminates the lives and works of many of these women, from the familiar like Mary Cassatt and …

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The Province Lands and The Map with Mark Adams

August 6
Monday, 9:30-4:30 with a break for lunch

$125, 1 session

We are lucky to be living near the Province Lands, common lands since the 17th century, and the youngest geologic land in the country. As the spits and beaches grew out of the sea, humans found …

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