Summer 2018: One Day Workshops

Photography and "Reality" with Marian Roth

August 20
Monday, 10-11:30am

$50, 1 session

In the hierarchy of plastic and visual arts, photography has historically been placed at that nebulous bottom, perhaps because it has been used in service to the historical document since its inception. Photographs were supposed …

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Color 3D: Learn the Fundamentals from the Summer Landscape with Kimberly Collins Jermain

August 31
Friday, 9:30-4:30pm

$150, 1 session

Nature is the best place to observe “color perspective” and practice creating illusions to three-dimensional space. Using Nupastels on paper, this workshop is for artists, architects and designers interested in greater control of light for …

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Color-Mixing for Painters with Christie Scheele

September 17
Monday, 9:30-4:30pm

$150*, 1 session

This one-day workshop is designed to develop and hone skills in color identification; mixing from primaries and mixtures; matching color; and creating dynamic and harmonious color compositions. Color-mixing exercises that build upon each other reveal …

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Up Close and Personal with Biala and Gottlieb with Beth Stein

September 17
Monday, 10-noon

$75, 1 session

Looking at art can be a very subjective experience.  What appeals to one person may appear totally inaccessible to another; what one person may deem to be extraordinary may seem very pedestrian to the next …

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The C-Scape Artist Residency with Regina Binder and Tom Boland

September 21
Friday, 10-11:30am

$50, 1 session

The artist in residency program at C-Scape dune shack was launched in 1995.  Regina Binder and Tom Boland worked with The Compact to acquire the shack based on Binder’s master’s thesis. The program offers 3 three-week …

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Edward and Josephine Hopper: A Lecture and Look into the Artists’ Lives on Cape with Christine McCarthy

June 25
Monday, 1-3pm

$100, 1 session

In 2016, PAAM acquired 96 drawings by Edward Hopper and 69 works of art by Josephine Hopper, in addition to her personal diaries, letters, and ephemera.  This lecture will trace their years on Cape Cod …

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