Summer 2017: Mentoring

Seven Exercises to Energize Your Creative Life with Thomas Bosket & Rhonda Mann

June 19 - June 23
Monday-Friday, 9:30-noon OR Make it Intensive: 9:30-noon & 1-3:30pm

$325-$425, 5 sessions

If creativity seems ever present some days and elusive others, this workshop is for you. Thomas and Rhonda can help you boost your creativity, and better understand your connection to it. Finding that art empowered us …

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Everything is Teacher: Finding Inspiration Everywhere with M P Landis

June 26 - June 30
Monday-Friday, 10-2pm

$400, 5 sessions

This process-oriented workshop is open to anyone interested in pushing through creative blocks or ruts, or who just needs a good jump-start. The course is taught through visual means, but is open to those in …

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Soulful Creation with Anna Fox Ryan Thompson

July 24 - July 28
Monday-Friday, 1-4pm

$325, 5 sessions

This course will increase the connection between your soul, your subconscious, and your art.  As we deepen the relationship between artist and subject, we will explore energy, emotion, memory and relationship, and how these play …

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Looking at Art with Philip Yenawine

July 28 - July 29
Friday & Saturday, 9:30-12:30pm

$150, 2 sessions

This workshop is for those who simply want the pleasure of examining and discussing a wide range of art with other likeminded people. No experience necessary; simply bring your eyes, mind, and a willingness to …

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