Summer 2017: Workshops by date

Drawing: Inside and Out with Heather Blume

June 8 - June 29
Thursdays, 9:30-12:30pm

$325, 4 sessions

“Drawing is the coordination of line, tone, and color symbols into formations that express the artist’s thought” John Sloan Art Students’ League, NYC This workshop will begin with drawing basic geometric shapes in perspective and shading …

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Painting Prompts with Megan Hinton

June 12 - June 14
Monday-Wednesday, 9:30-12:30

$300, 3 sessions

Painting prompts looking, curiosity, production and stimulation. This three-day intensive workshop will consist of multiple daily exercises, or prompts, to train the painter not to be tentative, more intuitive, and to develop a free lyrical …

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Encaustic Lab in Provincetown with Marc Kundmann

June 17 - June 18
Saturday & Sunday, 10-4pm

$325 incluldes materials fee, 2 sessions

This workshop is an opportunity to explore the encaustic medium. Take advantage of the resources available in a working Provincetown studio. Bring your image ideas and resources including sketches, photos or even paintings in progress. …

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Plein Air in Radiant Light with Rosalie Nadeau

June 19 - June 20
Monday & Tuesday, 9:30-3pm

$275, 2 sessions

Well known for her generous “coaching,” Rosalie will facilitate your own unique hand to bring more impact, brilliance, depth, and emphasis where you want it in your own work. In this two day workshop we will …

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Seven Exercises to Energize Your Creative Life with Thomas Bosket & Rhonda Mann

June 19 - June 23
Monday-Friday, 9:30-noon OR Make it Intensive: 9:30-noon & 1-3:30pm

$325-$425, 5 sessions

If creativity seems ever present some days and elusive others, this workshop is for you. Thomas and Rhonda can help you boost your creativity, and better understand your connection to it. Finding that art empowered us …

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Everything is Teacher: Finding Inspiration Everywhere with M P Landis

June 26 - June 30
Monday-Friday, 10-2pm

$400, 5 sessions

This process-oriented workshop is open to anyone interested in pushing through creative blocks or ruts, or who just needs a good jump-start. The course is taught through visual means, but is open to those in …

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Triptychs and Multi-Panel Structures with Peter Madden

June 26 - June 30
Monday-Friday, 10-2pm

$325 plus $20 materials fee, 5 sessions

In this hands-on workshop, we will explore the possibilities of 3-panel triptychs and beyond. Demonstrations of ways to generate and alter your own imagery, gold-leafing, hand-made hinges and incorporating a variety of “found” materials, transferring images …

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My Favorite Photo! How Did I Do That? A Beginner's Guide to Repeating Your Best Shot with Joe Navas

July 5 - July 7
Wednesday-Friday, 10-1pm

$275, 3 sessions

This class will be similar to other “Beginner Level” photography workshops, in that we’ll talk about the basics of taking photos (understanding the camera, composition, light,) but the twist is that we’ll look at it …

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Childrens’ Art Adventures with Cheryl Carlson-Perrow

July 5 - August 24
Wednesdays & Thursdays, 10-noon

$25 per day, $45 per week, $325 for the whole program, 15 sessions

This series of sessions provides a fun, supportive, and engaging environment for creativity.

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Loosen Up! Wet on Wet Watercolor with Lisa Goren

July 7
Friday, 10-2pm

$125, 1 session

This is a class designed to help create a looser approach to watercolors, enable a student to feel more capable with the paints, and end “tight” painting. The workshop focuses on working with water, learning …

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