Summer 2016

The Summer Program has arrived!

This is an exciting time with presidential elections on the forefront, big talk of climate change after an exceptionally mild winter, and art playing an increasingly important role in so many of our lives. Creative expression helps us balance, relieve stress, and find joy!

Here at the Museum School we continue to create our niche and follow our students’ needs. For the very first time, we offered an online workshop! 21 Days of Drawing with Joerg Dressler was a hit, and allowed students from across the country to take part in the stellar workshops that we are producing. It was the first of many more innovations to come. This summer and beyond, we look forward to offering you a variety of unique fine arts workshops in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and more. We are committed to non-toxic art studios to keep students safe and to continue to explore new, cleaner alternatives.

As always we are proud to support local artists as teachers, and to help Provincetown continue to be a living, thriving artist community. We would not be able to continue without the mix of talented artists and enthusiastic and daring students, harmonized with the geographical beauty of our location, the outstanding collection, and our stellar facility. It is a sublime mix which has been going for 102 years!

Study the White-Line Print where it was invented! Be inspired by the works of art that are in our galleries, or even in the studio!  Bring your easel across the street to work on the flats!  Create, explore, and investigate at the Museum School at PAAM.

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer. We hope you’ll join us.

Grace, Kiah & the PAAM staff

image: Ross Moffett, Watching the Bathers, monotype, 12 x 14.75″, Gift of Robert C Duffy, 2013