Spring 2018: Painting

Paint in the field or study a variety of approaches in the studio. Whether it’s the figure, landscape or abstraction created in oils, acrylics, watercolor, ink, gouache, encaustics or pastels, you’re bound to get that brush moving!

Painting Prompts with Megan Hinton

February 5 - February 7
Monday-Wednesday, 9:30-12:30pm

$300, 3 sessions

Painting prompts looking, curiosity, production and stimulation. This three day intensive workshop consists of multiple daily exercises, or prompts, to train the painter to not be tentative, more intuitive, and to develop a free lyrical …

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Intentional Creativity in Wellfleet with Ginny Parker

February 17 - February 18
Saturday-Sunday, 10-5pm

$275*, 2 sessions

Meeting the Muse follows the Intentional Creativity painting process whereby students access their inner knowing and intuition to begin to use painting as a medium for personal transformation. Through Mindfulness Meditation, Creative Visualization and Journaling …

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The Painterly Print with Megan Hinton

February 27
Tuesday, 9:30-2pm

$125, 1 session

Monotype printing is ideal for the painter who would like to produce a body of work on paper. Monoprinting also opens up the contemporary possibility of stepping away from formal easel painting. This workshop will …

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Loosen Up! Wet on Wet Watercolor with Lisa Goren

May 18
Friday, 10-2:30pm

$125, 1 session

This is a class designed to help create a looser approach to watercolors, enable a student to feel more capable with the paints, and end “tight” painting. The workshop focuses on working with water, learning …

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