Spring 2018: Mixed Media and Sculpture

PAAM’s mixed media workshops are an excellent place to stretch creatively or have some hands-on fun.

Mixed Media, Paper, and Panels with Heather Blume

May 14 - May 17
Monday-Thursday, 9:30-12:30pm

$300, 4 sessions

This workshop welcomes all levels and types of artists to acquire some of the processes used to create and develop mixed mediums on and with paper. On the first day, the instructor will demonstrate both …

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Small Gems, Big Splash: Mixed Media Collage with Sarah Kahn

May 18
Friday, 10-2:30pm

$100, 1 session

Combining acrylic mixed-media, with collage, one can create innovative compositions with dazzling color and texture, and make a splash! Small squares and rectangles of cardstock will form the substrates fro our small gems. Sarah will …

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