Spring 2018: Drawing

The ability to draw is the foundation of many creative disciplines, including painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Drawing from the Figure with Laura Shabott

April 14
Saturday, 9:30-12:30pm

$75, 1 session

So, you've always wanted to learn figure drawing? Let’s get started. Do you often think about coming to PAAM’s Life Drawing sessions, but stop because you don’t feel ready or inspired? This workshop is designed for …

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Drawing as a Process with MJ Levy Dickson

April 17 - April 18
Tuesday-Wednesdau, 9:30-12:30pm

$150, 2 sessions

The workshop will focus on all drawing mediums and paper. The relationship between touch and surface will be explored. Baring down hard on a surface will create a dark area or line, touching lightly will …

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Mixed Media, Paper, and Panels with Heather Blume

May 14 - May 17
Monday-Thursday, 9:30-12:30pm

$300, 4 sessions

This workshop welcomes all levels and types of artists to acquire some of the processes used to create and develop mixed mediums on and with paper. On the first day, the instructor will demonstrate both …

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Drawing with PAAM- A Virtual Drawing Group *DATE CHANGE with Joerg Dressler

January 18 - February 2
Weekdays, January 4-19

$150, 12 sessions

“Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make.” —David Hockney Drawing is one of the most basic forms of art making. It can be exploratory with considerable focus …

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