Small Gems, Big Splash: Mixed Media Collage

Workshop Date:May 18

When: Friday, 10-2:30pm

Sessions: 1

Price: $100

Teaching Artist: Sarah Kahn

Materials list Download

*This was a Spring 2018 course. Please see our current and upcoming workshops to register for a workshop course.

Combining acrylic mixed-media, with collage, one can create innovative compositions with dazzling color and texture, and make a splash! Small squares and rectangles of cardstock will form the substrates fro our small gems. Sarah will lead the class through the basics of collage technique as well as the endless charms of mixed-media. The emphasis of the instruction will be two-fold: how to ready (and chose) substrates for layering, as well as how to create the actual materials used to collage with, the “raw material”. Techniques for making beautiful “raw material” include gesso print-making, scribing, glazing, color washes, contour drawing, and more. We will also spend time looking at each other’s creations, and learn “how to see”, and to define your personal compositions.

All papers, letters, scraps “of meaning”, and memorabilia welcome.

Bring your playful intentions!

Sarah Kahn is an artist based out of Massachusetts. She is drawn to non-representational art, because it endows the viewer with the freedom to associate, remember, and find sensory response. Amidst passages of color, form and textures, one is invited to draw upon internal imagery and personal experience Kahn works in a sculptural manner, layering paper, fabric, drawings and prints. She is under representation at Soprafina Gallery, SOWA Art District, Harrison Ave., Boston, MA.