Artwork Review

Workshop Date:March 8

When: Thursday, 2-4PM

Sessions: 1

Price: $15

Teaching Artist: Marian Roth

*This was a Spring 2018 course. Please see our current and upcoming workshops to register for a workshop course.

The review is an evening meeting for student, aspiring, and established artists to have their work constructively evaluated by a facilitating professional artist or expert in the visual arts.

Each session begins with a short informal presentation by the facilitator so participants can become acquainted with his or her background and working style. You should bring in at least two works or one original and a number of digital images for the review leader to constructively evaluate, offer feedback, and suggestions for expansion. Review participants will also gain insightful feedback while listening to the other participants’ review period.

If time allows, the session ends with a group discussion around potential exercises, ways to continue moving forward, ideas about how to rework a piece, etc.

Of these sessions, one participant wrote “I am forced into a 20 min plus in-depth conversation about my art. Having to answer questions, and generally talk about my process and ideas, seems to clarify things in my mind and cause me to realize which is important and unimportant, where the art is coming from and what direction I might go in. It just makes me think more clearly about it all and I find that the conversations inform how I approach my work over the following weeks.

Past reviewers have included Megan Hinton, Mike Carroll, Heather Blume, Zehra Kahn, Andre van der Wende, and Debbie Nadolney. We seek a variety of facilitators who are visual artists in a wide array of mediums as well as gallerists and art critics.

Please sign up in advance to ensure a spot in the review, but walk-ins are welcome if we have the space!

Marian Roth moved to Provincetown in 1982 to fulfill a dream of living and making art in a community of creative people.  She has never thought of leaving. Well-known in the world of photography for her innovative camera obscura work, Marian has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Pollock Krasner Fellowship, a fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and was honored with a lifetime award for artistic excellence by PAAM. Most recently she installed a walk-in camera obscura during an exhibition of her work at the Griffen Museum of Photography. She currently exhibits in Provincetown with AMP Gallery.

Roth has said she works to present “what the eye cannot see,” and this poetic, at times elegiac, quality to her work is balanced and challenged by the insistent materiality of nearly all her pieces. Through collaged color positives, hand-coated emulsion negatives, lithographed figures, digital prints of the creative process itself, or rough layerings of paint, we can always see Roth at work. Whether from her Provincetown studio or inside one of the experimental cameras she has built and inhabited, Roth’s work, ultimately, shows the artist engaged in the most heroic of efforts: to bend light, to slow time and to exist a bit longer.