Free Members' Workshop: Remixed/Remastered: Drawing from Art History

Workshop Date:March 15

When: Friday, 1-3:30pm

Sessions: 1

Price: FRee for Members

Teaching Artist:

*This was a Spring 2019 course. Please see our current and upcoming workshops to register for a workshop course.

A 2 hour painting demonstration and discussion of painting as language.
Painter Adam Graham will demonstrate a mixed-media painting method from his recent series of studies of the work of Baroque Italian painter Caravaggio.
“Nec Spe, Nec Metu (Without Hope, Without Fear)” is an attempt to draw from and be drawn into the world depicted by Caravaggio. It is as a traditional practice of study as well as an effort to create contemporary work out of historical precedent.
Taking inspiration from the parallels and methods of Hip Hop such as “sampling” from and existing work to create a new original work, art can be means of communication that spans the distance of generations, cultures, and history.