Building Your Own Website

Workshop Date:January 30 - February 6

When: Wednesday January 30 9:30-4:30, Wednesday February 6 1:30-4:30 only

Sessions: 2 days consisting of 3 sessions

Price: $100

Teaching Artist: Sian Robertson and Laura Shabott

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Whether you’re looking to sell your art online, get into a gallery, or provide a place for someone who stumbles across your work to find out more about you, this workshop will help you to hone in on what is important to you and how best to go about achieving your website goals.

Students will begin with a session with Laura Shabott to gain knowledge of writing good copy for the website and self-promotion by going over material such as the distinctions between a short and long biography, an artist statement and a resume. Through prior preparation and then assessment and active editing of these professional documents within the course, the completed materials can be used for a web site, social media and grant applications.

Students will next meet with Sian Robertson to begin designing their own web site, or to revamp an existing one. In this era of wide internet access and social media, it is vital for artists to have a web presence. A good web site does not have to be complicated or hard to maintain, but it is an essential tool for an artist who wishes to be taken seriously by prospective gallery directors, potential buyers and art collectors, and those who write about art. The workshop overall is specifically designed with a week between the two classes so that you can start to work on your site and get help with issues, opinions on layout, etc. during the second session.

The second week, students will meet for the second time with Sian Robertson to follow up on their websites and finalize details.

Laura Shabott is part of a core group of artists whose presence and practices – whether visual, literary or performance – insures the continuance of Provincetown as a vital arts colony. Her artistic path in the past thirty years has been circuitous, instinctual and diverse. In 2015, Shabott returned to painting and drawing as if coming home from a long journey. She is represented by Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown. Emily Mergel writes in Artscope Magazine “Shabott continually draws inspiration from abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann and breaks forms into their most evocative essentials…She seizes the opportunity to burst the gallery walls, speaking with intentional gesture in visual vocabulary all her own.”

A teaching artist at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and the Cape Cod Museum of Art, she works with adults who want to begin or begin again.

Sian Robertson is a self-taught artist originally from the UK, now living in North Truro. She hand cuts vintage maps, creating 3D sculptural forms from her 2D source materials. Robertson says “Maps are of particular interest to me – they are beautiful to look at, they represent areas lived in and places still to visit, and I have incredibly fond memories of learning to map read when I was very young. As a small child I loved spending time in the car, with me navigating our way home. I clearly remember being excited to predict that there would be a river, or a T-junction, or a hospital a mile ahead, and being thrilled when it was actually there. Now, as an adult, maps give me a physical and emotional connection to a time and place left behind, and the reassurance that it might be returned to in the future. I am driven almost entirely by the aesthetics of the colors and shapes within maps, and have been using them in different ways for some years now.”

Through her job as assistant director of a local art gallery Robertson has spent a good deal of time reviewing artists’ web sites. As an artist, she has created her own website. She has also developed web sites for other artists, as well as helping some to create their own. Through both her job and her experience as an artist she has developed a sense of what works, and doesn’t work, both visually and practically, as well as an understanding of how to create a site to further an artist’s individual goals. Robertson is an active member of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and has participated in members’ exhibits since 2009, including having her work selected for several juried shows. Her ‘Postage Portrait’ collages were featured in the Summer 2015 edition of Uppercase Magazine, and her map work in Provincetown Magazine in 2016, and in the Provincetown Banner in 2018. She is represented by On Center Gallery in Provincetown.