OUTSIDE: Working With Weather with Christie Scheele

September 27th – September 29th | Monday – Wednesday 9:30am -1:30pm | 3 sessions | $290 for members $310 for non-members

For landscape painters, weather inspires joy and influences choice of imagery and aesthetic decision-making. Moisture in the air, for example, softens edges, affects colors, and influences mood. In this workshop we will hone technical skills for exploring those effects, including fog, different types of clouds, and rain. Students may also consider exploring powerful weather-related phenomena as the actual subject of a painting. These images could include cyclones, lightning, fires, dust storms, and waterspouts. Discussion will focus on rigorous compositional considerations, the many aspects of color, and how these formal decisions converge with subject matter to create mood. Students will find that upon completion of the workshop, they have added to their tool kit for exploring weather related imagery and how it impacts the human psyche.

Masks will be required in all outdoor and plein air workshops at PAAM, regardless of vaccination status.

Christie Scheele is a full-time artist living in the Catskill Mountains, she is represented nationally by numerous galleries, including the Rice Polak Gallery in Provincetown. Her minimalist, atmospheric landscapes are in hundreds of museum, corporate, and private collections nationwide and abroad; have been featured in movies and magazines; and have been reviewed with enthusiasm wherever she has exhibited.
She has been coming to Cape Cod since childhood and painting marshes and sea imagery for 25 years, observing, “My version of minimalism is about shape and atmospherics. I paint not just the light, but the air itself, and how these affect the edges and colors of the scenes depicted.”
As a teacher, Scheele shares both her particular painting techniques and her eclectic taste and enthusiasm for the wider art world, contemporary and historical. Encouraging a meditative approach to landscape painting that also includes rigorous examination of composition, color, and mood, her major focus is on the joy of process.