Museum School Workshops: Painting

Paint in the field or study a variety of approaches in the studio. Whether it’s the figure, landscape or abstraction created in oils, acrylics, watercolor, ink, gouache, encaustics or pastels, you’re bound to get that brush moving!

Online: Visual Research and Painting from Source Material with Pete Hocking

October 24 - October 31
Saturdays, 11-5pm

$285 for member, $300 for non-members, 2 sessions

Painters draw inspiration from sources, be it observation, experience, dreams, imagination, objects, writing, photographs, illustration, film/video mirrors, drawings, or other manifestations of visual culture. Approaching painting as a subjective art form, this workshop will consider …

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Online: Painting Between Place and Memory with Pete Hocking

November 28 - December 5
Saturdays, 11-5pm

$285 for members, $300 for non-members, 2 sessions

Richard Diebenkorn once said that every painting starts with a feeling. In my view feeling comes from the totality of our experience of a place or thing -- fieldwork research, memory and a full range …

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Online: Color-Mixing for Painters with Christie Scheele

September 17 - October 8
Thursdays, 10-noon

$200 for members, $215 for non-members, 4 sessions

This four-section online workshop is designed to develop and hone skills in color identification; mixing from primaries; and matching color. Color-mixing exercises that build upon each other reveal principles of creating color, including hue, value, …

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Plein Air: Drawing for Painting with Valerie Isaacs

September 21 - September 23
Monday-Wednesday, 9-noon

$280 for members, $300 for non-members, 3 sessions

Painting will come easier if your drawing skills are strong.  Gain control of proportional relationships and perspective. Simplify complexity for stronger shapes in your composition. Clarify your seeing of light and dark.  Class will be …

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Online: Painting Your Landscape with Pete Hocking

September 26 - October 3
Saturdays, 11-5pm

$285 for members, $300 for non-members, 2 sessions

Toward the end of her life, reflecting on the beginning of her work in New Mexico, Georgia O'Keeffe said, "I thought someone could tell me how to paint a landscape. But I never found that …

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Online: Integrating Figure Drawing into your Studio and Artwork with Laura Shabott

October 19 - November 16
Mondays, 9:30-noon as well as Tuesday Life Drawing Sessions

$350 for members, $375 for non-members, 5 plus 5 sessions of Life Drawing sessions

Hans Hofmann’s theory of pushing and pulling a composition on a two-dimensional surface is best understood when drawing from life with charcoal on paper. Understanding how to move the figure in pictorial space will lead …

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