Museum School Workshops: Workshops by date

Online: Art America: Regional Art Museums of the United States with Suzanne Altman

June 14 - June 18
Monda-Friday, 1-2:15

$150 for members, $175 for non-members, 5 sessions

There is a wealth of art all across the USA. This lecture course offers a description of museums divided by region; Mid Atlantic, New England, Midwest, West, South and Southwest, with an emphasis on what …

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Outside: Figures on the Beach with Valerie Isaacs

June 21 - June 25
Monday-Friday, 9-11:30am

$380 for members, $400 for non-members (includes model fee), 5 sessions

Artists from beginners to advanced are welcome to this figure drawing class with a beach-clad model. Meeting on the beach west of the Pier parking lot in the center of Provincetown, we will practice gesture …

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Online: Painting Intensive with Nancy Hart

June 24 - June 25
Thursday + Friday, 10-3 (lunch break from 12-1)

$285 for members, $300 for non-members, 2 sessions

Prior to the start of the workshop, students will receive an email with writings on creativity, quotes and other material to open up space for renewed insights to unfold in our session.  Thursday June 24th 10 …

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Online: Assemblage Boxes: Memories, Collections, and Expressions with Sian Robertson

July 5 - July 9
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1-3:30pm

$200 for members, $225 for non-members, 3 sessions

During this hands on workshop participants will explore assemblage boxes as a  way of combining similar or seemingly unrelated objects to express ideas, display  collections, or memorialize people or events. They will look at the …

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Plein Air: Color Boot Camp with John Clayton

July 5 - July 9
Monday-Friday, 9:30-12:30

$380 for members, $400 for non-members, 5 sessions

This workshop will focus on the elements of outdoor painting, as well as natural light. The emphasis will be in learning to see color and light creating accurate color relationship in the landscape, portrait (head) …

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Outside: Landscape Painting with Donald Beal

July 12 - July 16
Monday-Friday, 9-noon

$380 for members, $400 for non-members, 5 sessions

This class will meet each morning from 9-12 at a different location in either Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. The kinds of landscapes (woods, open vistas, ocean, etc..) will vary in order to confront students with …

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Online: Mixed Media Collage with Sarah Kahn

July 14 - July 28
Wednesdays, 2-4pm

$185 for members, $200 for non-members, 3 sessions

Collage and mixed media invites us to chose from an endless array of art supplies and organic materials. This class explores some of the steps involved in creating  these pieces, as well as enjoying the simple …

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Outside: Black & White Stick Media en Plein Air with Jakki Kouffman

July 19 - July 23
Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm

$380 for members, $400 for non-members, 5 sessions

Let’s keep it simple! This outdoor drawing workshop will work primarily within the gray scale, using hard and soft charcoals as well as black, gray and white hard and soft pastels. Our goal will be …

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Outside: Foundational Drawing Skills with Valerie Isaacs

August 2 - August 6
Monday-Friday, 9-11:30am

$300 for members, $325 for non-members, 5 sessions

Anybody can draw using these basic skills. Meeting outdoors near PAAM, we will learn (or review) the basic skills of drawing from nature: gesture, contour, positive/negative shapes... seeing in a grid, comparing proportions and angles, …

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Outside: Plein Air Woodcut (and or) Linocut with Vicky Tomayko

August 2 - August 20
Mondays + Fridays, 9-11am

$380 for members, $400 for non-members, 6 sessions

This class meets twice a week for 3 weeks beginning Monday, August 2. On Mondays we will work outside, drawing and sketching, or carving printable blocks from the bayside landscape and the rich environment of …

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