Outside: Seeing Spots!

Workshop Date:June 1 - June 3

When: Tuesday-Thursday, 9-noon

Sessions: 3

Price: $285 for members, $300 for non-members

Teaching Artist: Mary Giammarino

Materials list Download


The only time seeing spots is a good thing is when you are painting impressionism!

Three days is all you will need to learn to see the spots!
There is a certain amount of unlearning and a few tricks to plein air painting in the impressionist way.  One of these is squinting . We do this to see both value (light to dark) and to see the large masses (or spots). Then, we decide which colors are warm, and which are cool. We start simple and adjust the color and value till we are happy.
Boards sized 8×10″ 9×12″ will give you the best results for this class. I will supply a putty knife but bring supplies you are accustomed to (brushes , turps and palette knife). I also recommend the limited palette from my materials list.
Masks will be required in all outdoor and plein air workshops at PAAM, regardless of vaccination status.

Mary Giammarino's devotion to light and color is evident in her paintings. She has always been drawn to the beauty of nature and plein air painting and creating art directly from nature.

Giammarino studied fine art in college. She discovered the book “Hawthorne on Painting” and found her home at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, MA. While she is influenced by the impressionist palette, her work is less idealized and more contemporary by design. Her plein air paintings reflect her passion and devotion to capturing the exquisite drama of nature’s fleeting moods.

Giammarino continues to paint plein air and carries on the tradition by teaching painting classes on Cape Cod, in Vermont and on trips to Italy. She is represented at Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown and DaVallia in Chester, Vermont. She has had many solo exhibitions. Her work can be found in many private collections in the US and Europe.