Free Members' Workshop: Cartographic Creativity: Using Maps in Art

Workshop Date:September 27

When: 9:30-12:30pm

Sessions: 1

Price: Free for Members of the Museum

Teaching Artist: Sian Robertson

*This was a Fall 2017 course. Please see our current and upcoming workshops to register for a workshop course.

During this one day, hands on workshop participants will explore the use of maps in collage and mixed media art. Through a series of quick exercises focusing on the colors, lines and shapes within maps they will learn to look at them in new ways and discover how to use them as source material for both representational and abstract work. The class will be a fun exploration of the creative use of maps, designed to give participants techniques and ideas to use in the future.

This workshop is for artists of all levels and no collage or mixed media experience is necessary. Participants are encouraged to bring any atlases, maps or other cartographic sources that they are willing to cut up; plenty of them will also be provided.

Sian Robertson is a self-taught collage artist originally from the UK, now living in North Truro.
Her source materials are mostly paper ephemera, though she occasionally includes mixed media
components in her work. Robertson says “Maps are of particular interest to me – they are beautiful to look at, they represent areas lived in and places still to visit, and I have incredibly fond memories of learning to map read when I was very young. As a small child I loved spending time in the car, with me navigating our way home. I clearly remember being excited to predict that there would be a river, or a T-junction, or a hospital a mile ahead, and being thrilled when it was actually there. Now, as an adult, maps give me a physical and emotional connection to a time and place left behind, and the reassurance that it might be returned to in the future. I am driven almost entirely by the aesthetics of the colors and shapes within maps, and have been using them in different ways for some years now.”

Through her job as assistant director of a local art gallery Robertson has spent a good deal of time reviewing artists’ web sites. As an artist, she has created her own website. She has also developed web sites for other artists, as well as helping some to create their own. Through both her job and her experience as an artist she has developed a sense of what works, and doesn’t work, both visually and practically, as well as an understanding of how to create a site to further an artist’s individual goals. Robertson is an active member of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and has participated in members’ exhibits since 2009, including having her work selected for several juried shows. Her ‘Postage Portrait’ collages were featured in the Summer 2015 edition of Uppercase Magazine, and her map work in Provincetown Magazine in 2016. She is represented by Adam Peck Gallery in Provincetown.