Abstraction and Narrative in the Landscape

Workshop Date:September 11 - September 14

When: Monday-Thursday, 9:30-1:30pm

Sessions: 4

Price: $400

Teaching Artist: Christie Scheele

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*This was a Fall 2017 course. Please see our current and upcoming workshops to register for a workshop course.

All landscape carries some kind of a story, from the merest hint of one created by our own associations, to paintings that document something very specific about the world around us. In this workshop, we will investigate how formal elements such as color, line, surface, shape, and composition have expressive power in their own right and can coalesce into a landscape painting that has both abstract and narrative depth.

Students will advance their understanding of how painterly concerns interact with subject matter to create mood and story in the depiction of the landscape. Using photographic reference, students will be able to choose elements from one or several photos to paint a landscape that could exist in nature, but probably does not. The emphasis is on what works as a painting.

Students can choose to learn Scheele’s steps for how to prepare a canvas, mix a palette, and apply paint, or explore the principals introduced above using their own technique. All will begin with an analysis of their reference; sketching to establish composition; and then move on to mixing their palette, which will be critiqued before the painting begins.  The narrative intentions of each student, with every new painting initiated, will also be discussed.

Beginners to advanced painters are welcome, and students can work in a range of sizes.

Christie Scheele received a fellowship at the Royal Academy of Madrid and received a BFA from the College of Art and Design at Alfred University

A full-time artist living in the Catskill Mountains, she is represented nationally by numerous galleries, including the Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown.

Her minimalist, atmospheric landscapes are in hundreds of museum, corporate, and private collections nationwide and abroad; have been featured in movies and magazines; and have been reviewed with enthusiasm wherever she has exhibited.
She has been coming to Cape Cod since childhood and painting marshes and sea imagery for 25 years, observing, “My version of minimalism is about shape and atmospherics. I paint not just the light, but the air itself, and how these affect the edges and colors of the scenes depicted.”
As a teacher, Scheele shares both her particular painting techniques and her eclectic taste and enthusiasm for the wider art world, contemporary and historical. Encouraging a meditative approach to landscape painting that also includes rigorous examination of composition, color, and mood, her major focus is on the joy of process.