Fall 2017

Fall is a dynamic season on Cape Cod.  While the crowds stream home single file on Route 6, there is both a collective sigh of relief and a battening down of the hatches for winter. For many year-round residents, fall marks the beginning of a hibernation. Combat impending winter doom by taking a workshop! Meet fellow artists and creative minds, and enjoy the ritual of gathering for art-making.

If you have limited your visits to Provincetown to the summer months, it is time to explore our chilly beaches, calm and cozy restaurant, and incredible off-season art scene. Spend a morning in the print studio here at PAAM, then bike through the seashore admiring fall foliage. For locals, we are offering a handful of one-session workshops and evening classes that are more compatible with a work schedule.

This fall, we are offering workshops in printmaking, photography, painting, watercolor, and drawing. Join us as well for a number of Free Members’ Workshops, Artwork Reviews, and Chester I. Solomon Life Drawing every Tuesday and Friday morning from 9:30-11:30.

If you have previously studied printmaking, rent the studio for a morning of focused practice. The studio has three presses, and rental includes use of inks, non-toxic solvents, and paper is available for purchase in the studio.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions about workshops, events, lectures, or open studio hours!

All are welcome here.

-Kiah, and all of us at PAAM

Image: Lechay, J. Chequessett at Seven, 1962. Gift of the Artist, 1993.