OUTSIDE: Basic Painting with Valerie Issacs

October 4th -7th | Monday – Friday 9am-1pm | 4 sessions | $380 for members, $400 for non-members

This class will give you plenty of information to get started in painting. Working on still-life outdoors at PAAM, learn basic technical principles of oil, acrylic, and watercolor with a chance to try out all three. Students will learn to mix a full range of color from primaries. Consideration of geometry, composition, and light will help create three-dimensionality and depth. Some drawing experience is helpful; more advanced painters are welcome to work at their own pace. Bring paints for the medium of your choice; materials will be provided to experiment in the other two.

Valerie Issaces is represented by Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown, and shows at Corrigan Gallery in Charleston, SC.  She studied Architecture at Penn State, drawing and etching in Spain, and painting at the Fleisher Art Memorial (Philadelphia) and with Douglas Balentine (Charleston, SC). Exhibiting since 1990, she has shown at a flamenco bar in Seville, a village fair in France, and at a monastery.  Her classes in figure drawing, perspective, basic painting, and landscape painting incorporate study of our painting ancestors.