Suz Karchmer

Suz Karchmer arrived on Cape Cod almost 10 years ago thinking it was time for a plunge into a new creative endeavor. She found it in photography. She soon joined her husband, Michael Karchmer, in his various photographic pursuits. They now team together as company photographers for the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater and the Academy Playhouse in Orleans. Their work regularly appears in Cape Cod Magazine, including a March 2015 article, “The Camera in your Pocket: Mobile Photography on Cape Cod.” For the past two years they have been sharing their love of iPhone photography, leading community workshops at several Cape libraries and at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. Karchmer is a member of the iPhone 9, a group of nine Cape artists, started to share skills and knowledge related to iPhone photography; the Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club, one of the oldest camera clubs on the East Coast; and Cape Creators, a group that looks at the creative possibilities of mobile devices. Her photographic passion is in capturing moments of emotional and energetic exchange, whether in travel shots of strangers or in intimate portraits, she is always hoping to capture a moment of unguarded honesty. The iPhone is her favorite tool for that pursuit.