Rob Longley

Rob Longley’s training as an artist began when he first studied painting with Dick Goetz at the Malden Bridge School of Art in the summer of 1968. During the following months he continued to study with Betty Warren at the Albany Institute of History and Art and then for the next three summers with both Dick and Betty at Malden Bridge. 

After high school he attended the Boston University School of Fine Arts and received a BFA in May of 1973. Beginning in the summer of 1971 he studied with Henry Hensche at the Cape School in Provincetown, and returned to Provincetown to study with Henry throughout the ’70’s. From 1980 to the present Rob has painted in Provincetown for several months every summer. In the winter he has a studio in Troy, NY.

Rob has taught privately, at PAAM, and at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown.