Mikael Carstanjen, Mary Doering, & Barbara Ford Doyle

In 2000 Mikael Carstanjen began to experiment with digital photography and digital printmaking. In 2010 he started using an iPod Touch with the Hipstamatic camera app. A year later he switched to an iPhone for photographing and an iPad for processing his work. In 2012, along with his wife Mary Doering, they founded iPhone 9, a group that meets once a month to share and discuss their work. His photography is a starting point for the images he wants to create.  Working on the cutting edge of the new medium of “digital painting” he brings to this new work the dedication of a craftsman and his highest artistic ideals as an artist.

Mary Doering has been an artist and photographer since 1988.  She founded ArtSynergies in 2006 with Barbara Doyle and Martine Jore to expand the parameters between digital and traditional art image making.  In 2012 she cofounded the iPhone 9 study group with her husband Mikael Carstanjen. Their goal was to explore this new media, share information and critique their work.  Doering discovered that the iPhone’s spontaneity allows her to experiment endlessly at the speed of her imagination.  She uses an iPhone 6 Plus and a variety of apps to create multi layered compositions. Her images are printed using innovative hands-on printing processes.  Doering has won awards in national and international competitions and has exhibited in over fifty solo and group shows.

For Barbara Ford Doyle, computers have put the medium of digital photography in dialogue with painting, print-making and other kinds of art. Each of Doyle’s alternative photo images begins as one or more iPhone captures followed by editing with Adobe Photoshop®. Her interest is to combine photography with hands-on transfer processes. Doyle taught art and photography in public schools and conducts workshops on digital transfer printing. Recent work has been exhibited at PhotoPlace Gallery, Cotuit Center for the Arts, PAAM, and Griffin Museum of Photography. She is a founding member of ArtSynergies and a member of iPhone9.