Hannah Capra and Maeve Noone-Price

Hannah Capra has have been involved with the youth programs at PAAM since age 12. As she aged through the programs, she began mentoring at 16 and fostering a love for teaching. Capra was an art instructor at Sandwich Recreations summer camp for two years. She continued to mentor at PAAM until I graduated high school. At Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, Capra earned a technical degree in Design and Visual Communications. She is currently a student at Montserrat College of Art and planning to study Printmaking and Curatorial Studies. She hopes to become a museum educator.
Capra specializes in printmaking, but has been exploring media for years. She dabbles with collage, paint, mixed media sculpture, observational drawing, bookmaking, installation and more, the sky is the limit. Exploring media and the importance of women is a primary aspect of her work. She finds inspiration from the amazing minds of young artists and the way they express themselves through different avenues of visual art.
Maeve Noone-Price is an undergrad at UMass Amherst. Noone-Price started her experience at PAAM as a student in the Art On The Edge (AOTE) program at age 12. After turning 14, she joined the Art Reach program geared toward older students and was enrolled until she graduated high school. While in Art Reach, Noone-Price decided that she wanted to be a teaching mentor for the AOTE program. Alongside her mentorship she was given the opportunity to co-teach a printmaking class for adults with the program ART Reach Teaches. After graduating, she did not intend to major in art, yet wanted to incorporate it into her studies in any way possible. She is currently finishing her first year at UMass Amherst studying Forest Ecology and Conservation while working part time as a gallery assistant at Herter Gallery. By directly communicating with many artists that show their work in Herter Gallery, Noone-Price can continue to feel connected to the community of which she is familiar. Her goal is to meld science and art by bringing creativity into classes and ultimately, her career.