Gin Stone

Gin Stone spent two and a half years at the University of Hartford Art School, which was enough for her to know that she didn't enjoy being told what to do by a teacher. Her workshops hope to accomplish the opposite.

Stone is an ardent environmentalist and artist. Having previously worked solely with paint and panel, the experience gave her a base knowledge of color and form in space. The last 5 years of work have been spent combining these things in a new way, humane taxidermy (anti-hunting trophies). Stone uses hand dyed reclaimed longline fishing gear as a medium. The material itself is part of the work’s narrative. The local fishing culture is deeply ingrained in the environment on Cape Cod, where Stone lives and works.

Currently represented in Provincetown at On Center Gallery, Stone has shown her work for many years at PAAM as a member. She is also represented in Providence, RI and is a core member of Fountain Street Gallery in Boston’s SoWa Arts District and a full member of the Cambridge Art Association. Stone has also worked to curate exhibits in Boston and Cambridge.