Amanda Reed

As a photographer, Amanda Reed has a passion for two distinctly different forms of photography: nature photography and iPhoneography. Birds are the primary subjects of her nature images. They are all around and everyone has some connection with birds – in a backyard or on our beautiful Cape Cod beaches.  Photographing birds is challenging since the subjects rarely stand still, keeping their distance from human beings. Nature photography requires patience and endurance, which in turn is rewarded with beautiful images and a satisfying connection with the natural world.   iPhoneography, which utilizes the iPhone and iPad to capture and process images is a completely different photographic experience.  Using the iPhone to capture images gives Amanda the flexibility to capture images everywhere she goes. There is not limit to particular subjects, locations, time of day, light or the lack there of.  Image processing is done using a myriad of apps designed to promote artistic creativity and experimentation. Reed is a member of the iPhone 9, Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club, The Truro Group and CamNats.