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John Michael Gray Scholarship

In memory of John Michael Gray, former floral associate at the Stop & Shop store in Provincetown and a long time arts educator, Stop & Shop created the John Michael Gray Scholarship. John and his partner Tim became known as the “Hat Sisters” and worked tirelessly to raise money for charitable organizations throughout New England. The scholarship underwrites the cost of materials, instruction, healthy snacks, and transportation for two high-school students participating in PAAM’s Art Reach program.

The Robyn Watson Scholarship

The Robyn Watson Scholarship is offered to an interested student, fifteen to twenty-two years of age. This need-based scholarship was created to honor the memory of the late Director Robyn Watson’s dedication to quality education at PAAM. Scholarship funds are provided to attend one Museum School workshop.

The Cape Cod Artist’s Scholarship

The Cape Cod Artist’s Scholarship is offered to local artists who reside on Cape Cod year-round.  The scholarship, which underwrites a PAAM workshop, is open to all types of media and there is no age restriction.

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