Legacy Circle

Members of the Legacy Circle have thoughtfully and generously provided for PAAM through their wills, personal trusts, life income arrangements, and other long-term plans.

Legacy Circle members can make significant gifts without affecting cash flow, and often reduce their estate tax exposure. Upon joining, members of the Legacy Circle receive a Legacy Circle pin, plus recognition online and in printed materials, as well as an invitation to an exclusive annual event only for members of the Legacy Circle.

To qualify for the Legacy Circle, members make a planned and sustained gift to PAAM. To learn more, visit the Planned Giving page.

Elliott Abbott
Elenore Alickman and Lisa Linden Gates
James Bakker and Russell Bigelow
Rose Basile and Carol Noyes
Rod Blacklock and Wayne Schmoyer
Heather and Pierre Blume
Reed Boland
Stephen Borkowski
Donald Butterfield
Paul Carey and Barry Pike
Kay Knight Clark
Arthur Cohen and Daryl Otte
Joanne and Marilyn Lober Colucci
Kim Cromwell and Kathleen Cote
Pat de Groot
Ray and Lee Elman
Mary Fassett
Joe Fiorello
Jeffrey Forster and Sandy Deacon
John Frishkopf
Ruth Gilbert
Robert Harrison
Julie Heller
Robert Henry
M. Zena Lesser
David Malchman
Douglas Marshall
Jane Matthewman and Kevin Barrett
Sally Nerber and Brenda Correia
Walter Nieman
Bertram and Marla Perkel
Peter Petas and Ted Jones
Michael Prodanou and Constantine Manos
Alix Ritchie and Marty Davis
Sian and Nick Robertson
Jacqueline Rothschild
Irma Ruckstuhl
Richard Sacks
Hannah Shrand
Maurine Sutter
Clo Tepper and Robert Collins
Napi and Helen Van Dereck
Mallory White and Gail Bliss
Gail Williams and Dawn McCall
Donald Winter
Jane Winter and Susan Wheelan
Mike Wright and Sheila McGuinness