Collectors’ Circle

The Collectors’ Circle is a congregation of individuals, businesses, and foundations that have gifted PAAM with works of art, enabling PAAM to increase our collection and tell the story of art across Cape Cod.

Adjunct to the PAAM Circle, the Collectors’ Circle recognizes those who specifically contribute to the growth and enhancement of the collection by either making donations of art to the Museum, providing funds of $5,000 minimum to acquire works for the collection, or irrevocably pledging a future gift of art. Members are listed in a publication and on the website during the year in which their gift is received or irrevocably pledged. Additionally, they receive an invitation to an annual event for collectors.

PAAM’s collection weaves together three major American art movements, focusing on Cape Cod’s art, history and landscape, and features artists who have lived, worked and shown here. The Collection creates perspectives that uniquely define the Provincetown art colony as a necessary and established foundation to the larger art world. By donating a work of art, you align yourself with established benefactors to PAAM’s permanent collection, such as PAAM’s five  founders—Charles W. Hawthorne, Gerrit Beneker, E. Ambrose Webster, Oscar Gieberich and William Hallsall—who all contributed their own art to begin the collection of over 3,000 exemplary twentieth- and twenty-first-century works.

Mark Adams
The Barnet-Epstein Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Berk
Heather Blume
Janeen Bodenhoefer
Stephen Borkowski
Francesca Brenner
Sally Brophy
Ryan Campbell
Arthur Cohen and Daryl Otte
The Estate of Polly Coté
Maura Coughlin
The Estate of Pat de Groot
Stephen Desroches
Yvette Dubinsky
Mona Dukess
Robert Eaton
John Evans
Michael Fernon
Harriet Finkelstein
Joe Fiorello
Anne Goldstein
David Hilliard
Megan Hinton
Brenda Horowitz
Robert Kohler
Jack Krumholz and Marjorie Jacoby
Doug Levy
Maria Lopez and Stephen Mindich
Paula Martesian and Kenneth J. Carpenter
Deb Mell
David Murphy
The estate of Lee Musselman
Blossom Newman
Carol Odell
Karen Ojala
William B. O’Leary Jr.
Cynthia Packard
Elisabeth Pearl and Alexandra Smith
Adam and Marian Peck
The Estate of Lenore Ross
Dr. Claire Sprague
The Stella Waitzkin Memorial Library Trust and Kohler Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Sweigard
Diana Worthington
James Zimmerman
Dorothy Zinberg

Nina Berson
Lois Borgenicht
Stephen Borkowski
Arthur Cohen and Daryl Otte
Larry R. Collins
Greg Connors
Georgia M. Coxe
Carole Ann Danner
David Datz
Patrick Davis
Catharine Deely
Christopher Duff and Mark A. Westman
Robert Eaton
Josiah Fisk
Romilda Foti
Myrna Harrison
William Hillman
Pam Hudson
David Isaacson
Paul Kelly
Rick Klauber
Estate of Peter Lindenmuth
Arien Mack
Nadja Maril-Crilly
Gail Mazur
Stephania and James McClennen
Alfred T. and Joan M. Morris
Pasquale Natale
Marian Roth
Judith Trepp
Marilyn Vantosh
Miriam Stubbs
Estate of Emily March Walter
Jean Young
James R. Zimmerman

Lennie Alickman
The American Academy of Arts & Letters, New York; Hassam, Speicher, Betts & Symons Fund
Susan Bee and Abigail Laufer
Bergman Family
Stephen Bernstein
Richard Blair and Josh Liska
Stephen Borkowski
Barbara Cohen
Estate of Nancy Ellen Craig
Pat de Groot
Peter, Andrew, and Gregory Delory
Stephen Desroches
Daniel W. Dietrich II
Joerg Dressler
Dana Dunham
Dr. Roger Dunn and Howard John Stapf
Robert Eaton
Dorothy Eisner Art Trust
Prof. Richard A. Ellis, Phd
Florence Smith Shepard Estate
Roma Foti
Philip Gambone
Roslyn Garfield Bequest
Katherine Gibbs
Ruth Gilbert
Terry Gips
Phyllis R. Goldman and Family
Lea Shepard Handler
Estate of Robert C. Harrison
Myrna Harrison
Frederick Hemley
William Hemmerdinger
Sarah Henry
Santiago Hernandez
Grace Hopkins
Marjorie Jacoby and Jack Krumholz
Josephine Johnson
Eugene F. Kelly, Esq.
Doug Levy
Charles Margosian
Herman Maril Foundation
Barbara C. Murchison Living Trust
Walter Nieman
Ewa Nogeic
William O’Leary
Daniel Petrucci and Hans Hoppenbrouwers
Anna Poor
Printmakers of Cape Cod
Marian Roth
J. Anton Schiffenhaus
Laurence C. Schiffenhaus
Michael Sze, M.D.
Vicky Tomayko
Judith Trepp
Berta Walker

Amy Arbus
Midge Battelle
Midge Battelle and Pasquale Natale
Joseph Bongiovanni
Jen Bradley
Barbara Cohen
Georgia M. Coxe
Laura Donnelley
Christine Dupuy
Robert E. Eaton
Janet L. Edmonds
Marty Epp-Carter
Harriet G. Finkelstein
Lisbeth Firmin
Pat de Groot
Pam Hudson and Toni Caputo
W. Stephen Jeffrey
Maryalice Johnston
Albert M. Kaufman and Susan H. Wilmot
Revocable Trust
Brian Koll and David Altarac
Alan Kravath
Jack Krumholz and Marjorie Jacoby
Sarah Lutz
Anne MacAdam
Philip F. May and Anne L. May
Ellen A. Michelson
Catherine A. Mulcahy
Richard Neal
Annan Paterson and family
Rosemarie Pilkington
Robert Richardson and Annie Dillard
Joel Rosenkranz and Janis Conner
Michael and Karen Rotenberg
Ilona Royce-Smithkin
Marcia Rubin
Alexandra Smith and Elisabeth Pearl
Lynn Stanley
Murray Wax
Barbara Wise Family Trust

Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers
ArtSTRAND Artists
Bailey Bob Bailey
Richard Baker
Rose Basile
Deborah Bassett and Steven Thomas
Donald Beal
James Bennette and David Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Berk
Stephen Borkowski
Pam Brown
Chris Busa
Karen Carbone
Jocelyn and William Carey
Paul Carey and Barry Pike
Kay Knight Clarke
Barbara Cohen
Arthur Cohen and Daryl Otte
Daphne Confar
James Cox
Louise Davy
Pamela DeColo
Robert C. Duffy
Pat de Groot
Stephen Desroches
Donna Dodson
Breon Dunigan
Robert E. Eaton
Salvatore Fiumara
David Foley
Gallery Ehva
Carlos Garcia-Velez and W. Kent Davis
Anne and Arthur Goldstein
Jefts Grover Beede Family
Robert Henry and Selina Trieff
Grace Hopkins
Josephine Johnson
Estate of Joyce Johnson
Maryalice Johnston
Mr. Lewis Jones
Judyth and Daniel Katz
Lynn Kearney
Eugene F. Kelly
Jack Krumholz and Marjorie Jacoby
Diana Maher
Herman Maril Foundation
Nadja Maril-Crilly
Charles Melcher
Oakleigh Collection
Francis Olschafskie
Elisabeth Pearl
Jim Peters
Pollock-Krasner Foundation
Renate Ponsold
Anna Poor
Sky Power
Michael Prodanou
John Raimondi
Bob Richardson and Anne Dillard
Irma Ruckstuhl
Saul Steinberg Foundation
Carl G. Sessa and David M. Gagne
Marcia Sewall
Peggy Sovek
Keith Stubbs
Miriam Stubbs
Andrew and Susan Talton Estate
Selina Trieff
Jack Tworkov Estate
Berta Walker
Hatty Walker Fitz
Christopher Winfield
Burt Wolfman
Bert Yarborough
Joyce Zavorskas

James Balla
William Baum
Frederick Blakeman
Sally Brophy
Joan Cobb Marsh
Georgia Coxe
Mona Dukess
Carolynn Fischel
Steven Fuller
Herman Maril Foundation
Robert Henry and Selina Treiff
Larry Horowitz
Penelope Jencks
John Koch
Cecile and Fraser Lemley
Lenore Ross Trust
Deborah Martin
John and Joanne Meyer
Jay Milder
The Barbara Wise Family Trust
Harriet Rubin and Del Filardi
Rowland Scherman
Schoolhouse Gallery
Duff-Westman Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Robert Speiser
Lawrence Shainberg and Vivian Bower