Business Giving

PAAM began 100 years ago as a partnership between artists and business people, a collaboration which has only strengthened over the years. Situated in a unique town where the businesses support the arts and vice versa, PAAM's relationship with local businesses is reciprocal. PAAM depends on the support that businesses contribute, and PAAM's exhibitions and programs draw about 40,000 visitors to the community each year.

PAAM relies on vital partnerships with the business community to provide a foundation of operating, special event, and exhibition support. This type of support includes various ways to give besides monetary gifts: office equipment, art supplies, accommodations, food, wine, advertising, as well as expertise in accounting, legal, event planning, catering, and staff training.

Free Fridays

PAAM welcomes and solicits businesses to underwrite this popular event, which allows all guests to visit exhibitions for free on Fridays after 5pm. PAAM recognizes the business sponsors who underwrite this program on a banner at the front door, where the business logos are clear for all the guests to see.

Gala Business Sponsors

Each year, several businesses help to underwrite expenses for the annual Gala. PAAM recognizes these business sponsorships on the invitations, in the commemorative Gala program and on the PAAM website with links to their own websites.