Adopt an Artwork

With a Permanent Collection of more than 3,000 objects, PAAM is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting as much work for public consumption as possible. Some pieces, however, come to us in need of costly restorations, which are imperative to completing prior to the work going on view.

Whether due to age, improper storage or display, or worse (like damage from fire or flood), many pieces that have found their way into our collection are in need of some sort of rehabilitation. Some simply need cleaning or framing, while others may need more extensive repairs. We are methodically working through the collection to select pieces that are in need of restoration, in order to preserve them for present and future generations to enjoy.

By donating to the Adopt an Artwork program, you are directly underwriting these restoration efforts. You can chose to donate to the General Restoration Fund, which goes toward restoration of works of PAAM’s choosing, or, you can donate the full cost to have a particular piece brought back to its former glory. If you choose to donate the full restorative cost, you will receive before-and-after images once the restoration is complete, and you will be credited on the piece’s exhibition label for all future showings. All donations to the Adopt an Artwork program are 100% tax deductible.


Henry Botkin (1896-1983), untitled (3 seated figures), 1946, oil on panel, 17 x 22.5″, Gift of Frederick Varaday, 1989

This piece needs: Cleaning, varnishing, new backing, reframing: $500




Jan Gelb (1906–1979), Hidden Lake, 1933, oil on panel, 7.5″ x 14.5″

This piece needs: Cleaning, repair of flaking, varnishing, reframing: $300.00










Jan Gelb (1906–1979), Of Driftwood, 1956, oil on canvas, 54″ x 42″, Gift of Lester Gelb, 1979

This piece needs: Cleaning, repair of lifting paint, varnishing, reframing: $900.00






Frederick Judd Waugh (1861–1940), untitled (waves breaking over rocks), n.d., oil on canvas, 25″ x 30″, Gift of Katherine Sanford, 1994

This piece needs: Cleaning, repair of deep cracks, relining, varnishing, reframing:



Lawrence Grant (1886–1930), Beach in Tahiti, 1928, oil on panel, 17″ x 21″, Gift from the estate of M.C. Conrad, 1976

This piece needs: Cleaning, varnishing: $350.00




Ross Moffett (1888–1971), The Card Players, n.d., oil on canvas panel, 15.5″ x 11.5″, Gift of Edwin and Frances Dickinson, 1978

This piece needs: Cleaning, varnishing: $200.00








Elizabeth Paxton (1877-1971), Still Life (the Silver Candelabrum), n.d., oil on canvas, 25″ x 30″, Gift of the Barbara C. Murchison Living Trust, 2016

This piece needs: Cleaning, varnishing, new backing: $300






Marian Roth (1944-), 6 photos from the Geodesic Dome, Ice Tent, Dune Shack Outhouse, and Jeep Rangler Camera Obscura Series, giclee prints, various sizes on 17″ x 22″ sheets, Gift of the artist in honor of Sharon Fay and Maxine Schaffer, 2016

These pieces need: Framing with UV protective plexi-glass and acid-free matting: $1,350




Clare Leighton (1898-1988), 12 prints from the New England Industries series, 1952, woodblock prints, 10″ x 10″, Gift of Frank and Eleanor Bowers, 2010

These pieces need: Reframing with archival materials and UV protective plexiglass: $2,000