VIEWS and VIGNETTES: the work of Miriam Laufer

VIEWS and VIGNETTES: the work of Miriam Laufer

Catalog to the 2016 PAAM exhibition


Miriam Laufer (1918-1980) was a celebrated Provincetown artist with a unique sensibility that combined the iconographic legacy of her European upbringing with a pop art and proto-feminist configuration. Her paintings and drawings are strikingly fresh and bold, and also reflect a poignant nostalgia, often interacting with ideas of loss and memory. She grew up in Berlin, Germany, and emigrated to Palestine in 1934. She met Sigmund Laufer while studying art at the Bezalel Art School. In 1947, they emigrated to New York City. They had two daughters, artist Susan Bee and Abigail Laufer.

Laufer had twelve solo shows of her artwork; most were at the Phoenix Gallery‚Ä® in New York. Her first solo show there was in 1962 on Tenth Street. Her early paintings were in the abstract expressionist vein. Her work ranges from colorful lyric abstractions to powerful figurative paintings, including nude self-portraits, and paintings on windshields. Her last paintings were geometric abstractions. View and Vignettes: The Work of Miriam Laufer is curated by Johanna Drucker. The 56-page, full-color catalog includes essays by the curator Johanna Drucker, art historian Maika Pollack, Susan Bee, Abigail Laufer, and Robert D. Speiser.

8 x 11 inches