Summer’s End: Stories by R.D. Skillings

Summer's End: Stories by R.D. Skillings

"...ripe, rueful tales, crepuscular in spirit and yet urgent, at times blazing with romance, with desperation." - Jhumpa Lahiri


Located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown is a place both minuscule and vast.  It has been home, in the course of its history, to Native Americans, Pilgrims, fishermen, immigrants, outcasts, homosexuals, makers, visionaries.  Those who know it know this rich, eclectic broth.  They know the insular embrace of Commercial Street, the barren sweep of the dunes, the wildness of the surrounding sea. They know that it is a place whose beauty both beckons and bewilders, a place where creativity thrives.

As a trustee and chair of the writing committee of the Fine Arts Work Center, Roger Skillings’ tireless, boundless faith in young writers has changed the destiny of many.  Those who know Skillings admire his dedication to others.  Those who come to this collection as a means of introduction will perceive his dedication to his art.

8.5 x 5.5″