Stranger, Father, Beloved: A Novel

Stranger, Father, Beloved: A Novel

In the tradition of Tom Perotta's "Little Children", a mesmerizing debut novel about a wealthy man who has reached a crossroads after a lifetime of repression and denial, sending him--and his family--into a slow spiral toward total breakdown.


When Michael sees his wife Nancy chatting with a stranger at a party, his intuition tells him that he’s watching her with the man she should have married.  He quickly begins a campaign to replace himself within his own family with this other man–who, to him, is worthier, better, kinder–all so his faithful wife, his beautiful teenage daughter, Ryan, and his young son, Max, can have the lives they deserve.

While Michael pursues this man’s friendship, Ryan goes through a period of sexual awakening and rebellion and distances herself from her family, and the quiet, weak Nancy becomes increasingly  befuddled and frustrated by the behaviors of her husband and daughter.  As tension and uncertainty build in their home, the James family slowly unravels.

With the quiet intensity of the film “American Beauty” and the emotional sensitivity of Lorrie Moore, Taylor Larsen creates a powerful and moving story about the fracturing of a family and its descent into chaos.

9 x 6″