PAAM 2017 exhibition catalogue


According to Mark: “It’s a book. It’s an art catalog. It’s a collection of poetry, images and essays wrapped in a sea floor map.”

In conjunction with Mark Adams: Expedition on view at PAAM September 29-November 12, 2017. Featuring contributions from Nick Flynn, Marie Howe, Michael Cunningham, Kiah Coble, Martin Moran, May Tveit, Reif Larsen, and others.

Mark Adams is a painter, printmaker, and a cartographer with the National Park Service. He works primarily on paper and wood using images based on observations of nature, scientific data recorded alongside personal writing in sketchbooks, and the human figure.

Adams has taught at PAAM, Castle Hill Center for the Arts (Truro MA), and the Provincetown School Academy program and as a guest in the MFA program of the Fine Arts Work Center/Massachusetts College of Art. He has studied ecology, landscape architecture, printmaking and photography at University of California, Berkeley, California College of Arts and Crafts and studied with artists at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. He also worked as a wildlife field biologist, scientific illustrator, forest fire fighter, gymnastics coach. His current interests include geologic time, taxonomies, coordinate systems and layering of information in maps.

He has exhibited throughout the US and regularly at the Schoolhouse Gallery, where he is represented. He lives and works on Cape Cod where he has been based for over 25 years.

The exhibition presents three themes: First it is a mid-career retrospective for a unique and important Provincetown artist that has been practicing and teaching on the Outer Cape for 27 years. Next it is a presentation of high quality fine art including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, media and data. And last it is an important discussion of how artwork functions in the culture including ideas about collecting and gathering, artist’s collectives, opening the landscape to interaction and interjection, how objects represent reality and how Adams’ interpretation of the function of objects from the Outer Cape vernacular relate to how artists are currently interpreting the use of objects and data globally.

10 x 7″
Copies signed by author