Constantine Manos: American Color

Constantine Manos: American Color

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A kaleidoscope of color photographs of candid  moments within America’s public places.

In American Color, Constantine Manos has created  unique and complex images that freeze  surprisingly disparate elements together in a  single fascinating frame. Photographing in  crowded public places and many unique locales in the United States, such as Venice Beach and  Atlantic City, and during special events like  Bike Week in Daytona Beach and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Manos presents a kaleidoscope of  American culture. Although the pictures are of  people and places in the United States, they do  not pretend to constitute a general or  definitive statement about America. They share  the visual vocabulary of American culture, but  the viewpoint and choice of locations are  deliberately selective and narrow. Each image  has its own message and elicits its own set of  responses from the viewer. The flow of people in a public setting, their shifting relationships to one another, their ever-changing expressions and  gestures provide a rich and dynamic situation  for capturing the unexpected. Manos has  transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary and the real into the surreal in this truly  colorful collection of photographs.

Constantine Manos is a member of the prestigious  photojournalist cooperative, Magnum. His work  has been published and shown throughout the  world. His books include Portrait of a Symphony, A Greek Portfolio, and Bostonians. Manos lives in Boston, Massachusetts. 80 color photographs.