Members’ 12×12 Exhibition & Silent Auction

July 21 - September 10, 2017

Opening Reception:
Friday, July 21, 8pm

About the Exhibition

PAAM is proud to hang works by emerging and established artists side-by-side in this annual exhibition, a celebration of the high level of creativity and achievement of PAAM members. With over 300 submissions in 2015, the 12×12 exhibition is a significant fundraiser for PAAM and one of the best ways for artist members to get their work noticed.

Bidding starts at $125 and climbs by demand throughout the exhibition. Artist-members sell their work at 50% commission, winning bidders get wonderful artworks, and PAAM gets 50% commission, or 100% if the artists donate to PAAM. It’s a win-win-win!


Sunday, September 10: reception begins at 11am, bids begin closing at 2pm

Sharpen your pencils, and your elbows! Make your final bids! The Members’ 12 x 12 Silent Auction lots will close every 10 minutes in alphabetical order. Bidders need not be present to win. Refreshments will be served.

Bid early, bid often! The commissions and donations provide funding for year-round art exhibitions and educational programming.


Drop-Off day is Tuesday, July 11 from 12-4pm. Early drop-offs are accepted up to one week prior to drop-off, during Museum hours only. If shipping your piece, please include a completed Artwork Receipt.

PAAM has a limited number of 12×12″ Masonite panels available free of charge for member artists. Pick yours up at the Front Desk Thursday-Sunday from 12-5pm.

Any member in good standing is eligible to submit to member shows at PAAM. Membership must be valid through the duration of the exhibition (September, 2017) and may be renewed by phone, online, or at PAAM on drop-off day.

Artwork must be 12 x 12″. Works must not have been previously exhibited at PAAM. One submission per member for all members’ exhibitions. No wet panels or hanging devices. Unframed works are preferred for this exhibition (panels are hung side-by-side using L-shaped pins). All types of media are welcome. Please review the Members’ Exhibition Policies before submitting.


Ramón Alcoléa, Lennie Alickman, Rebecca Arnoldi, Marian Averback, Jackie Bain, Grace Barna, William Barron, Corbett Barrow, Ruth Bauer, Heather Blume, Cid Bolduc, Stephen Borkowski, Bethia Brehmer, Colette Brésilla, Bonnie Brewer, Chip Brock, Lora Brody, Elizabeth G. Brooke, Elizabeth A. Brooke, Sally Brophy, Jim Broussard, Angela C. Brown, Susan Rand Brown, Sue Butler, Stephanie Cady, Stacy Cancelarich, Robert Canepa, Barbara Cantor, Joe Caprara, Toni Caputo, Tim Carpenter, Mikael Carstanjen, Robert L. Carter, John Cascio, Barbara Cohen, Agnes Collis, Tara Conant, Will Corcoran, Nancy Sarisley Costanzo, Bonnell Marie Cotnoir, Robert Cotnoir, Maura Coughlin, Diane Cournoyer, Ed Crane, Patricia Crow, Tom Cummiskey, Paul Cunningham, Rosemary D’Agostino, Michelle Dangelo, Carole Ann Danner, Karen Paige Dash, Mary DeAngelis, Greg Delory, Cheri J. Dennett, Laurie DeVault, Vivian Dickson, Joe Diggs, Mary Doering, Gregory Dolnikowski, Adell Donaghue, Barbara Sassu Donahue, Jan Donley, Barbara Ford Doyle, Bonnie Draeger, Linda Dujack, Ed Dusek, Peter Dutra, Pati DuVall, David Edwards, Elizabeth Embler, Orfeo Fabbri, Melissa Falen, Mark Farber, Jill Finsen, Carolynn Fischel, Jean Fogg-Brock, Deanna Francis, James Frederick, Pam French, Karen Gausch, Marcia Geier, Michael Giaquinto, Mary Gilfus, Anne Goldstein, Greg Gorman, Linda Graham, Michael Gredler, Burt Grossman, Laurel Guadazno, Scott Haag, Adrian Hackney, Sam Hallman, Kate Hanlon, Elizabeth Harris, Paul Hastings, Catherine Hess, Megan Hinton, George Hirose, Elizabeth Hogan, Keith W. Hollingworth, Larry Horowitz, John Howard, Amy Howell, Jenny Humphreys, Roxane Hynek, Priscilla Jackett, Tom Wilson Jones, Michael Kelley, Chris Kelley, Denise Kelly, Julia Kelly, Chet Kempczyski, Joan Kenney, Deborah Kerr, Jane Kogan, Andrew Kooistra, Richard Lacasse, Raymond Lanowy, Matthew Lazure, Rob Leaver, Alexandra Leaver, Jan Lhormer, Sarah Lievain, Jane Lincoln, Douglas Lissick, Joan Lockhart, Rick Longchamps, Dianne Longchamps, Annie Longley, James R. Lynch, Mary Lou Mack, Jane Marie Manco, Robert Manz, Marilyn Massad, Ann Yelmokas McDermott, Gloria McPherson, Emily Meads, Deb Mell, Wayne Miller, Marguerite Miranda, Gail Crosman Moore, Jon Moore, Jim Morris, Gail Morrison, Rosalie Nadeau, Edie Nadelhaft, Richard Neal, Nancy Nicol, Christine Niles, Carol Odell, Karen Ojala, Susan Overstreet, Paul Pacheco, Jane Paradise, RC Patterson, Elisabeth Pearl, Richard Pepitone, Rowena Perkins, Mark Phillips, Donna Pomponio, Monique Popko, Page Railsback, Pamela Redick, John Redick, Jackie Reeves, Dianne Rella, Kurt Reynolds, John Ricciardi, Georgene Riedl, Hugo Rizzoli, Dave Roberts, Sîan Robertson, Shirl Roccapriore, Joan Rogers, Candice Ronesi, Kerstin Roolfs, Sam Buck Rosen, Claudia Crossett Rossi, Stephen Roth, Marian Roth, Elliot Paul Rothman, Jane Rowe, Kate Ryan, Anna Fox Ryan, William Sargent, Andrea Sawyer, Rowland Scherman, Julia Schirrmeister, Judy Schmitt, Debbie Seavey, Laura Shabott, Joanne Shaughessy, Susan Siegel, Nancy Silva, Walter Silva, Catherine Skowron, Ilona Royce Smithkin, Rachael Sokolowski, Janis Sommers, Richard Stimpson, Helene Stracco, Wendy Stuart, Connie Tavanis, Kathleen Carney Thibeault, David W. Thomas, Aaron Thompson, Joe Trepiccione, Ann Turley, Linda Van Cooper, James C. Varnum, Elspeth Vevers, Mitch Villani, Daniel Wagner, Mary Walker, Patty Bennett Walsh, Patrick Webb, Ro Weichman, Lori A. Wein, Karen North Wells, Timothy Welsh, Glenn Wheeler, Mallory White, Rowan Wielblad, Ray Wiggs, Joshua Dean Wiley, Ruth Williams, Mary Sheehan Winn, Kathy Winstanley, Luanne E. Witkowski, Mike Wright, Hazel Yingling, Violet Yingling, Jim Youngerman, Ginny Zanger, Joyce Zavorskas, and Judy Zehentner.