Cynthia Packard: My Voyage

May 18 - June 24, 2018

Curated by:
Breon Dunigan
Opening Reception:
Friday, May 25, 8pm

About the Exhibition

Cynthia Packard has been painting for 40 years. Though she has painted throughout the country and the world, her home and studio have been in Provincetown. Here she has been an important part of the artistic and cultural history of the oldest continuous art colony in America.

Packard moved to Provincetown permanently in 1980 after graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art with a degree in sculpture.  Here she studied drawing with the painter Fritz Bultman, and began painting. Utilizing her background in sculpture, Packard’s early figurative paintings fully inhabit the canvas. As her paintings have evolved over the decades, the overarching concerns are her personal relationships with her chosen subject matter as well as her interaction with the medium. Whether she is painting a still life of flowers from her garden, a beloved model, a landscape, the East River, her children or working purely from her imagination, her paintings are bursting with passion for painting and a desire to push the medium as far as she can take it.