A Fundraising Exhibition for PAAM's Youth Programs

April 1 - June 5, 2016

Curated by:
Lynn Stanley
Opening Reception:
Friday, April 8, 6pm
Exhibition Checklist:
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About the Exhibition

PAAM is thrilled to present the COLOR/AID exhibition, featuring original works using Color-aid paper created by teaching artists from PAAM’s youth programs. As well as being featured in the Museum, the works will all be for sale on the PAAM website–the first time in our history that an entire exhibition will be digitally displayed, as well as for sale, online. Scroll through the image gallery below to view all works, and visit the online store to purchase.

COLOR/AID is a vibrant, pigmented paper, a play on words, and an exhibition with a mission.

For the past decade PAAM has developed meaningful partnerships with schools along the Cape, and has become a leader in after and out-of-school arts education for young people. We offer grant and donor-funded educational opportunities for teachers, kindergarten through high school students, and college-age students, October-May. This exhibition is a fundraiser to support these important programs.

The work in this exhibition has been created by many of the artists who teach/have taught young people at PAAM. Artists were given both small and large pieces of Color-aid and asked to create 1- 6 works of art; the resulting work is made in the spirit of experimentation and play. The COLOR/AID artists are: Mark Adams, Lennie Alickman, Tracey Anderson, Bailey Bob Bailey, Donald Beal, Paul Bowen, Sally Brophy, Anne Flash, Jo Hay, Megan Hinton, Jenny Humphreys, Zehra Khan, Jody Melander, Catherine Moye, Jim Peters, Lynn Stanley, Vicky Tomayko, and Tim Winn.

Who Teaches in PAAM’s Youth Programs?

Artists are chosen based on: the quality of their work; their passion for a given subject; their interest in and commitment to teaching young people; their ability to support positive youth development; and to provide an art historical and/or humanities context as the foundation for the media and techniques they teach. Artists may present their own work, work from the PAAM collection or other contemporary artists to provide context for their lessons.

What programs will be supported by COLOR/AID?

The Lenore Ross Curating Program for Students and Educators provides in and out-of-school learning opportunities for K-12 students and teachers; Art Reach for 13-21 year-olds meets on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons; Art on the Edge Saturdays for middle-schoolers meet October-March Saturday mornings; Reaching Forward Paid Mentorships for 17-22 year-olds meet Friday and Saturdays in conjunction with AOTE; and Minecraft/Kerbal Space Program for 10-12 year olds, meets on Tuesdays afternoons for 10-12 year- olds in the fall and winter. Visit for more info.

What is Color-aid paper?

Manufactured by the Color-aid Corporation since 1948, this richly pigmented paper comes in over 300 colors—a literal rainbow in a box. Initially developed as a backdrop for photographers, Color-aid was discovered by the artist and educator Josef Albers and has since become an indispensable teaching tool in art and design classes. Albers taught at Yale University; in the 1960s Yale University Press published a limited edition book he created, Interaction of Color, with a hand silk-screened portfolio demonstrating his color theory. PAAM is fortunate to own a copy of the book and sections are on display in the exhibition.

PAAM is grateful to the artists and educators who enrich the lives of young people along Cape Cod every day. PAAM’s youth programs are supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency; the Bilezikian Family Foundation; the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod; Ted Jones and Peter Petas; the Aeroflex Foundation: an anonymous donor; Shirl Roccapriore and Oils by the Sea Gallery; the Provincetown Community Compact and the Provincetown Swim for Life; Keith Hayes and Teresa Townsend; Barbara Anthony; Sean McCabe and the Provincetown 10K; and in partnership with the Provincetown, Nauset, and Monomoy School Districts; Cape Cod Regional Technical High School and Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School.