2015 LOWF Grant Recipients

October 21 - December 4, 2016

Curated by:
Grace Ryder-O'Malley and Chris McCarthy
Opening Reception:
Friday, October 21, 6pm

About the Exhibition

This October we present an exhibition of the 2015 recipients of our Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Foundation Grant: James Gouldthorpe, Lauren Mantecon, Dorothy Robinson, and Dana Saulnier.

The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant is awarded annually to under-recognized American painters over the age of 45 who demonstrate financial need. The mission of this grant is to promote public awareness of and a commitment to American art, and to encourage interest in artists who lack adequate recognition. Learn more about the grant and the 2016 recipients here.

About the Artists

James Goulthorpe

James Gouldthorpe

James Gouldthorpe creates his works with ink, watercolor, and gouache. Each individual painting belongs to a larger series of images in which Gouldthorpe seeks to fully express a desired visual language. The series “Particles,” which served as Gouldthorpe’s submission for this grant, is an exploration of “aging and the passing of time,” and premiered in January of 2016 at the Montalvo Arts Center of Saratoga, California. Gouldthorpe’s artistic education included a period of study at the Parsons School of Design in Paris; he hopes to use this grant as a means to revitalize his creative energy and explore new challenges.

Lauren ManteconLauren Mantecon

Lauren Mantecon’s art engages in a “visual dialogue between what can be seen and what can be felt;” she also uses her creative talents to create a dialogue between the materials she uses, which include wood, gesso, ink and paint. Prior to receiving the Lillian Orlowsky and Willian Freed Foundation Grant, Mantecon worked as an Adjunct Professor of Drawing at the University of Art and Design in Sante Fe, an Adjunct Professor of Painting at Sante Fe Community College and the University of Portland, and as the Art Chair for Gallery 111 in California.

Dorothy Annette RobinsonDorothy Annette Robinson

Dorothy Annette Robinson uses oil paints to create landscapes that “hover between representation and abstraction” while exploring “a terrain where internal and external realities meet and merge.” Her inspirations come from her memories and personal experiences, and the final artistic product arises when these inspirations combine with creative impulses. Robinson received her MFA in Painting from UC Berkeley in 1993; since then, her art has been exhibited in both New York and California.

Dana SaulnierDana Saulnier

Dana Saulnier works with oil paints in order to create what he refers to as ‘History Paintings.’ However, his works do not attempt to be documentary images; instead, he seeks to “inhabit rifts, gaps, and paradoxical conceptions of historical understanding.” Most recently, Saulnier was selected as the sole recipient of the SACI Artist Residency, which gave him the opportunity to spend the month of June in Florence, Italy.