Secret Garden Tour

WhenSunday, July 15, 10am-3pm



To purchase tickets, please visit PAAM or the Gately Funeral Home parking lot at the corner of Harry Kemp Way and Howland Street, Sunday, July 15, beginning at 10am.

Join us for the 21st Annual Secret Garden Tour, a self-guided journey through Provincetown’s stunning  gardens. Enjoy exclusive access to private gardens in a walkable loop in a residential neighborhood in Provincetown, free admission to PAAM, free parking, and free transportation between your car, the gardens, and the Museum.

On the day of the tour, you can park at the parking lots at the corner of Howland Street and Harry Kemp Way in Provincetown. There are two businesses there, Gately Funeral Home and BY&D. Both businesses have kindly allowed us to use their parking on that day. You’ll then take one of our free shuttles to the first garden, and take a shuttle back to the parking area when you’re finished.

You can pick up your ticket right there at the parking lots, or, if you find a spot near PAAM, you can get your ticket at PAAM as well. The shuttles will also be looping by PAAM and picking up guests there to take them to the start of the tour. Please note that the tour starts at 10am, and we won’t give out tickets until that time.