Annual Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation BBQ

WhenTuesday, August 8, 6pm


PriceFree and open to the public


On this night we gather as members to vote on the Slate of Candidates for the 2017/18 Board of Trustees, review PAAM’s accomplishments from the previous year, and discuss visions for the future. This meeting is open to the public, but only current members are eligible to cast a vote.


Each year, PAAM depends on its squad of hundreds of volunteers to execute our year-round exhibition and cultural programming. As a token of our appreciation, volunteers are invited to a Farland-catered BBQ immediately following the Members Annual Meeting. Those who haven’t volunteered for us in the past year are welcome to join us at the BBQ, admission is $10, scroll down for a list of our volunteers from August 2016-July 2017.


After careful consideration, the Nominating Committee believes that the proposed slate maintains a proper balance of artistic and business leadership for a diversified Board that will adequately reflect and represent the PAAM membership.  The following is the Slate of Candidates as submitted by the Nominating Committee for the 2017-2018 PAAM Board of Trustees:


President, Lise Motherwell, Clinical Psychologist; Provincetown and Cambridge, MA

Vice President, Dave Roberts, Owner, Truro Vineyards; Truro, MA

Treasurer, Lennie Alickman, Artist; Previous Senior Managing Director, First Republic Bank; Provincetown, MA

Secretary, Doug Dolezal, Principal, Dolezal Architecture + Interior Design; Provincetown,  MA and Boston, MA – 2018


Ellen Burbank, Non-profit Administrator; Wellfleet, MA

James Bakker, President, James R. Bakker Antiques, Inc.; Provincetown, MA

Annemette Cliggott-Perlt, Psychologist, Provincetown, MA

David Datz, Attorney, Provincetown, MA and Boston, MA

Breon Dunigan, Artist, Truro, MA

Kristin Hein, Designer, Provincetown, MA

Judyth Katz, Artist; Truro, MA and Westport, CT

Marian Roth, Artist; Provincetown, MA

Irma Ruckstuhl, Former Antique Store Owner; Truro, MA

PAAM extends our sincere gratitude to Brian Koll and Jane Paradise, who will be stepping down, for their continued support and dedication.

For Consideration to the PAAM Board:

Patrick Davis – CEO, Davis Brand Capital, Collector, Provincetown, MA and Atlanta, GA

Kevin O’Shea – Co-owner, Salt Hotels, Provincetown, MA

Respectfully submitted,

PAAM Nominating Committee



Here is our list of who volunteered with us from August 2016 up until, well, today! We apologize if you volunteered during that time but your name didn’t make it onto the list, shoot Lesley an e-mail if that’s the case and we’ll update it right away ( Those that we have listed as couples in our database are likely to be grouped together, so keep an eye out for your partner’s name.

Seth Abrahamson
Mark Adams
Lauren Alexander
Elenore Alickman
Tracey Anderson
Cheryl Andrews
James Bakker and Russell Bigelow
Neal Balkowitsch
Corbett Barrow
Diana Batchelor
Don Beal
Klaus Betten
Heather and Pierre Blume
Tom Boland
Lori Bookstein
Stephen Borkowski
Chip Brock and Jean Fogg-Brock
Tom Broker
Gray Brown
Rachel Brown and Daniel Dejean
Ellen and Stephen Burbank
Christine Burns
Mary Cabral
Mike Calaman
Dick and Enid Caouette
Cheryl Carlson-Perrow
Liz Carney
Michael Carroll
Edward Christie and Howard Karren
Jim Christopher
John Clayton
Douglas Cliggott and Annemette Cliggott-Perlt
Kiah Coble
Arthur Cohen
Jim Coffman
Darin Contini
Didier Corallo
Maura Coughlin
Marit Cranmer and Efrem Marder
David Datz and James Mauro
Patrick Davis
Joe DeMartino
Michael DeVellis and Brad Farrell
Ken Dietz
Doug Dolezal and Greg Welch
Deb Donovan
Joerg Dressler and Stephen Syta
Yvette Dubinsky
Caroline Duffy
Breon Dunigan and Bailey Bob Bailey
Rob Dutoit
Ray Elman
Paul Endich
Maia Erslev
Toby Everett
Jim Farley
Sharon Fay and Maxine Schaffer
Celine Federici
Mary Feeley and Robert Daniels
Michael Fernon
Nathalie Ferrier
Joe Fiorello
Carolynn Fischel, Lea Endich, and Gerri Demitrio
Patti Fitzmaurice
Richard Fletcher and Wayne Powell
Carol Forsberg
Pam French
Ken Fulk and Kurt Wootton
Cassidy Gardner
John Garisto and Tony Grasso
Scott Gasparello
Arthur Gilbert
Susan Gill
Michael Gillane
Phyllis Goldman
Linda Graham
Deborah Greenwood
Maria Grotz
Vincent and Laurel Guadazno
Adrian Hackney
Traci Harmon-Hay
Sean Patrick Harrington
Paul Hastings
Jo Hay
Kristin Hein and Phillip Cozzi
Bob Henry
Tom and JoanMarie Herlihy
Lukas Hernandez
Megan Hinton
Grace Hopkins
Jean Horner
Pam Hudson
Brian Hyde
Larry Hyer and Tom Casey
Priscilla Jackett
Wendy Jeffers
Sarah Johnson
Howard Karren
Judy and Dan Katz
Terence Keane and Douglas Hughes
Natalie Klym
Brian Koll and David Altarac
Ron Kollen
Lyn Kratz
Margaret Kubayko
Richard Lacasse
Anna Lally
Jean Ledoux
Toni Levin
Sarah Lievain
Cristina Liquet Torres
Annie Longley and Erik Hamnquist
Laura Ludwig
Paul Lynch
Peter Mann
Lesley Marchessault
Emma Marguiles
Marilyn Massad
Josiah Mayo
Nathaniel Mayo
Stormy Mayo
Maureen McCarron
Christine McCarthy and Evette Ramirez
Colin McGuire
Gloria McPherson and Anna Lally
Lori and Michael Meads
Emily Meads
Johannes Meintjes
Jeffrey Mello
Rio Morales
Milisa Moses
Lise Motherwell and Bob Steinberg
Dan Mullin
John Murphy
Rosalie Nadeau
Pasquale Natale
Ahbi Nishman
Karen Ojala
Brian O’Malley and Wilsa Ryder
Susan Overstreet
Terry Pannell
Eleni Pappas
Jane Paradise and Frank DiGirolamo
Elizabeth Patrick and Ghee Livingstone Patrick
Elisabeth Pearl and Alexandra Smith
Anne Peretz
John Pitfield
Helene Rabinovitz
James Rann and Peter McDonough
William Rawn and John Douhan III
Kurt Reynolds
Bill Rigby
Bob Rindler and James Connors
Dave and Kathy Roberts
Steven Roderick
Marian Roth and Mary DeAngelis
Jane Rowe
Irma Ruckstuhl
Liam Russo
Grace Ryder-O’Malley
Bob Sanderson
Julia Schirrmeister
Patricia Schomer
Lew and Chris Schwartz
Becky Sellinger
Mariellen Serena
Laura Shabott
Troy Sherman
Hannah Shrand
Susan Siegel and Gerry Pouliot
Fabiola Silano
Paul Silva
Richard and Charlotte Singer
Carly Smith
Chris Snow
Debbie Spang-Dionne
Lynn Stanley
Miriam Stubbs
Lenore Tenenblatt
Edward Terrill and Doug Johnstone
Vicky Tomayko
Joe Trepiccione and Paul Abraham
Lawrence Valerio and Donald Yearsley
Don Vaughan
Elspeth Halvorsen Vevers
Jim Vesper
James Vincent
Hazel Warner
Carol Warshawsky
Peter Watts and Gloria Nardin
Bernadette Waystack
Ann Welles
Andy and Hussein Wentz
Maureen Wilson and Meg Stewart
Sheldon Winicour and Ken Boyar
Mark Wisneski
Jim Woodworth
Mary Wright
Mike Wright and Sheila McGuinness
Guillermo Yingling
Joe Zibrack
Jim Zimmerman