Saturday, September 29, 2018

Art Reach Teaches (A.R.T.), PAAM’s creative workshop program for adults and seniors, resumes this fall. Classes taught by talented and seasoned Art Reachers in life drawing and printmaking will be on offer Saturday, September 29th. No experience necessary to participate. The accessible program is free-of-charge, including materials and instruction, thanks in part to an Amplify grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and grants from the Bilezikian Family Foundation and the Horizon Foundation.

Art Reach participants are eager to share what they’ve learned. A.R.T “allows us the opportunity to show what PAAM has taught us by teaching others; and we hope to unite people of all ages with these youth artists by giving them the opportunity to learn from us!” To apply for the program please register online or contact Lynn Stanley (508-487-1750, lstanley@paam.org). Space is limited! Apply today.


Drawing the Figure with Sam Starobin and Kestrel Powers | 10am-noon

In this course, participants will learn techniques such as shape and structure-building to draw the human figure from life. Ideas such as perspective, proportion, and foreshortening will all be discussed in order to accurately depict the human body. Media such as Conté crayons, charcoal, and colored pencils will be explored. Open to all levels of experience, first time artists welcome!

Introduction to Printmaking: Linocuts with Hannah Capra and Maeve Noone-Price | 1:00-4:00pm

In this step-by-step class participants will learn to make relief prints to create unique bookmarks and cards. The materials are easy to work with and any level student is welcome; the class will be accessible to beginners and up. We hope that by the end of the session participants will be able to appreciate the work and creative license that goes into the printing process.

About the Teaching Artists


Hannah Capra is a 17-year-old artist who is currently in her junior year, specializing in Graphic Design at Cape Cod Tech. She has been working in PAAM’s youth programs since she was 11, and for the past two years has taken leadership roles as an assistant teacher and mentor in PAAM’s Reaching Forward Mentors and Art on the Edge program. Her work has been featured in PAAM’s Art Reach exhibitions and she had her first solo exhibition last summer at The Oils by the Sea Gallery in Provincetown. She has a passion for printmaking but works with many mediums in Art Reach. Teaching is also a passion of Hannah’s. “There’s just something about seeing a student’s smile when they finish a project and the sense of pride that I get to share this with them. It makes me remember why I’m an artist in the first place; to make people feel something.”


Maeve Noone-Price is a junior at Nauset Regional High School. She does jewelry as well as participates in her school orchestra, which includes auditions for outside ensembles. She has been a member of PAAM’s youth programs since the age of 12, and as of last year has taken a leadership role as a mentor in PAAM’s Reaching Forward Mentors and Art on The Edge programs. She continues to make art in her free time, as well as through PAAM’s Art Reach program. “If one thing should be said about art, it’s that anybody, no matter their skill level, can create something wonderful”.


Kestrel Powers is a 16 year old artist who is currently in her sophomore year at Nauset Regional High School. She has attended PAAM’s Art Reach program for the past two years. She has a passion for drawing but enjoys many other mediums such as watercolor and acrylic. She plans on majoring in animation as well as making a career out of her art. She likes to teach in order to help others become more invested in their art, as she believes that anyone can develop artistic ability.



Samuel Starobin is a seventeen year old junior attending Nauset High School, who has attended the numerous drawing classes offered there. He has engaged in PAAM’s youth programs for six years. Samuel’s work has been featured at the Orleans town hall, PAAM Art Reach exhibitions, and at the Provincetown Oils by the Sea Gallery in the summer of 2016. Though he works with many mediums at Art Reach, Samuel’s primary interest in art is the observational drawing of the human figure, along with the conception of visual-based stories. “Drawing a person is not drawing a shape, but solving a puzzle. There are many pieces that must fit together in order to create a convincing image. What I find most rewarding is not only the end product, but the learning process that goes behind it as well.”


PAAM’s youth programs are supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency; the Bilezikian Family Foundation; the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod; Ted Jones and Peter Petas; the Aeroflex Foundation; an anonymous donor; Shirl Roccapriore and Oils by the Sea Gallery; Cape Cod Five Foundation; Stop & Shop Provincetown, in memory of John Michael Gray; and Keith Hayes and Teresa Townsend. PAAM collaborates with the Provincetown, Nauset, and Monomoy School Districts, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, Cape Cod Regional Technical School, and Cape Cod Community College to provide accessible, creative education programs of the highest caliber.