PAAM is pleased to offer The Robyn Watson Scholarship and the Cape Cod Artist’s Scholarship to eligible recipients on an annual basis. This scholarship honors significant members of the PAAM family and is supported through generous donations.

The Robyn Watson Scholarship

The Robyn Watson Scholarship is offered to an interested student, fifteen to twenty-two years of age. The scholarship was created to honor the memory of the late Director Robyn Watson’s dedication to quality education at PAAM. Scholarship funds are provided to attend one Museum School workshop. The scholarship is need-based (you wouldn’t be able to attend if you weren’t receiving a scholarship.)

Choose from week-long or multi-week workshops including painting, drawing from the model, sculpture, and white-line woodblock printmaking. Workshops are offered year-round, are generally 1 day to 1 week long, or may meet once a week over a period of weeks. Each workshop is limited in size to maintain a supportive and engaging art-making environment.

Applicants are asked to write a letter about themselves, stating their interest in a class, with alternate class choices (as some classes may be filled and closed to enrollment), along with information on financial need. Send letters to Tessa Bry Taylor, Curator of Youth Education, PAAM, 460 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657, email to or fax 508-487-4372. Applications accepted on a rolling basis until the scholarship is awarded.

The Cape Cod Artist’s Scholarship

The Cape Cod Artist’s Scholarship is offered to local artists who reside on Cape Cod year-round.  The scholarship, which underwrites a PAAM workshop, is open to all types of media. Painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and mixed media artists are encouraged to apply. There is no age restriction.

Scholarship amounts will be allocated on the basis of: available funding; the number of applicants; and the quality/need of the applicants. Upon request, scholarships may be reviewed for renewal. Recipients accepted for scholarship must agree to certain conditions including regular attendance and commitment to workshops, the promotion of PAAM in general, and participation in exhibition openings; exhibitions installation, and/or other minor volunteer capacities.

Applicants must submit a one-page statement of artistic vision and examples of their work. Letters of recommendation as to the candidate’s potential and ability to develop artistic talent are encouraged, but not required. Interested applicants may send their materials to Christine McCarthy, Executive Director at PAAM, 460 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.

PAAM is grateful for the generous donors who fund these efforts to continue developing future generations of Provincetown artists.

For more information, contact Kiah Coble:

Above: Elaine Cohen paints in one of PAAM’s sculpture gardens