Life Drawing

Due to COVID-19, in-person Life Drawing sessions are postponed until further notice. If you are interested in attending virtual Life Drawing sessions, please find more information and registration on the Virtual Life Drawing course page. 

Life Drawing at PAAM gives students and artists the opportunity to practice figure drawing from a professional live model. Models provide a variety of poses. Tuesdays are long poses and Fridays are short. Easels are provided, but participants must bring all other supplies.

Chester I. Solomon Life Drawing

Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30am-11:30am, year-round.
No pre-registration required. Walk-ins welcome.
Fee: $10 per session, $45 for 5 sessions.

Photograph by Jim Zimmerman, 2007.

Thank you for supporting the Museum School’s Life Drawing program. In our efforts to keep costs to a minimum, PAAM depends on the help and support of participants.

Studio Maintenance: Please leave the studios the way you’d like to find them. There is a broom and dustpan in each studio to sweep up after yourself. Do not leave pencil shavings or chalk/charcoal dust on the floors.

Recycling: Plastic and metal containers and clean, dry paper should be deposited in marked recycling bins. Garbage cans should be used for non-recyclable items.

The current schedule for Virtual Life Drawing can be found on the course page.

Privacy Information for Models

PAAM does not release model contact information. If an artist is interested in hiring a model(s) and asks for contact, we will instead give the model the artist’s contact information to respect the privacy of models. Models may give out their private contact information to an artist using their personal judgement; saying no to working with someone is always okay.

Photographs in the studio should not be taken without the express consent of the model, as well as of Kiah Coble, Program Administrator. Photographs taken in the studio must be approved in advance by all parties.

Models who experience discomfort in the studio for any reason should not hesitate to stop the behavior, speak up, take a break, and report their experience to a member of PAAM staff.

Life Drawing takes place upstairs in the Museum School. Please use the Bangs Street School entrance. There is no parking available on site, and no parking Tuesday in front of the museum from May – October due to street sweeping.  Please see our parking sheet pdf for more information.

Our life drawing classes are staffed and managed through the generous support of volunteers. The studio is equipped with a monitor sign-up sheet. This responsibility is expected to be shared equally among regular attendees of Life Drawing. Monitor responsibilities are posted on the studio wall.