Heather and Pierre Blume

Passionate is the very word to describe Heather and Pierre Blume, Legacy Circle members and longtime members of PAAM.


A sculptor and thirteenth generation Cape Codder, Heather’s upbringing was rich in first-hand relationships with artists. Her mother Rachel Ellis Kaufman was a painter, showing and selling her oils and pastels throughout her life. And living in Truro during the ’60s, the family socialized with the likes of George Yater, the painter who was then Provincetown Art Association’s Director.

The couple has a great affinity for the Museum. “Openings at PAAM were among my early influences,” Heather said. “That’s where my roots are.” Her formal studies, at the University of North Florida and the New York Academy of Art, nurtured a deep attachment to the figure. However, she said, “when I pick up the threads of my work and follow them, I find a profound relationship with the Art Association. There I saw Penelope Jencks’s work. I saw Robert Motherwell’s and Fritz Bultman’s, so my classical figure study was through a lens of abstract expressionism.”

Her fondness for PAAM is matched by Pierre’s. “I was first there in 1975 and have watched its progression for thirty-five years. I like what Chris McCarthy is doing. She and the Board have improved the facility and help local artists to raise their profiles,” he said. “Local art is tremendously underappreciated. But it’s an ‘industry’ on Cape Cod, a big piece of the economy. The more it’s profiled, the better it is for everyone.”

Heather and Pierre’s deep connection to PAAM is reflected in their estate plan. They have written wills to include a majority residuary bequest to the Museum while also providing for a son. “I want to be sure PAAM remains a resource for others to access,” Heather said. “When it comes time to pass on what I have, my resources will go to further that end.” Likewise, Pierre’s motivations are clear. “I have made this gift to PAAM because I like to put my money where my mouth is,” he said. “When Heather went to the New York Academy of Art, I often went to the museums—MoMA, the Met—to learn about art and classical beauty. My interest was whetted by those museums, as it is by PAAM-the premier art museum on the Cape, among the oldest art association and museums in the country.”