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Beyond Extraordinary: The Campaign for PAAM, $10M

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  • Endow a permanent position for a named curator to help PAAM sustain the highest level of curatorial vision.
  • Supplement the underwriting support we receive for major exhibitions, funding the many logistical expenses that accompany our most exciting offerings so that PAAM can continue to offer world-class exhibitions in Provincetown.
  • Fill gaps in our collection and ensure that the great art of Cape Cod can be enjoyed and studied here year-round.

  • Provide endowment to continue making PAAM's educational offerings accessible to youth and adults and support the quality and breadth of programming in the Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Museum School at PAAM.

  • Facilitate PAAM's ability to weather seasonality and act on emerging opportunities to grow and enhance our offerings by purchasing real estate, investing in efforts that draw and keep attention of the national art movement, and building staff and capacity. These funds will ensure that PAAM can continue to be extraordinary in our next century, and beyond.
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